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The Sentinel, founded in 194o by Dr. Joseph R. Kidd, former Head of School, is the student newspaper at St. Luke’s. The print edition of the Sentinel is published several times a year, and is published concurrently with the online edition, which is updated daily. The Sentinel is produced by a staff of photographers, writers, and editors meeting four days a week after school.

The Sentinel welcomes comments and suggestions. Requests for corrections or questions about content published in the newspaper should be directed to sentinel@stlukesct.org.

The Sentinel is governed by its Editorial Board. Please see below for the current voting membership of the Board.

2016-2017 Editorial Board


Editor in Chief and Webmaster

Colette Juran ’17


Science and Technology Editor

Kelly Adams ’17


School News Editor

Porter Bowman ’17


Social Media Director

Jack Hobbs ’17


World News Editor

Lily Williams ’17


Sports Editor

Claire Wilson ’18


Arts Editor

Mary Zech ’17

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