A Personal Take on the Election Protests [Op-ed]

Isabelle Stone ’18, Staff Writer  

After Donald Trump was announced the winner of the presidential election, many activists around the country took to the streets to protest. More than three weeks have passed and people are continuing to protest the impending presidency.

The protests have become a point of controversy, as many have argued the rallies are simply a gathering of “butthurt liberals” and “sore losers.” Others have stated that the protests are hypocritical and promote violence. A lot of the backlash originated due to a few protests that turned into riots. However, the vast majority of the protests have been peaceful.

Three days after the election, I decided to join a march in New York City, where I was able to get an inside look at the rallies and learn the true purpose behind them. Hundreds of people gathered at Trump Tower and began to march around the city. I can confidently say that the rally was entirely peaceful. We even encountered a Trump supporter, who shouted obscenities at us. The reaction from the group was telling; most people ignored him, while others proceed to shake his hand or offer him a hug.


The protests are a way to give a voice to the now threatened majority, who believe, because of his hateful rhetoric, Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency. The rallies are also encouraging others to make their voices heard. By speaking out, activists have made it clear that Trump cannot silence dissent and must acknowledge all perspectives.

In reality, the protests provide a safe space for people to express their concerns under a common cause.

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