Artist Spotlight: Bridget Dalton

Isabelle Stone ’18, Staff Writer 

Bridget Dalton, ‘18, has developed a growing passion for photography over her years at St. Luke’s. At a young age, Bridget noticed she was drawn to taking photos; she started off capturing photos on any camera she could find and sharing them with friends.

Especially with the expansion of social media, Bridget’s artistic side started to grow too, as social media became an outlet to share her work. Two years ago, Bridget began to take photography more seriously when she started taking classes in that subject here at St. Luke’s. She is currently in Photography III and plans on taking AP next year.

Bridget’s most recent project took inspiration from a house she once visited, with unique mirrors on nearly every wall. From that moment on, Bridget began to experiment with mirrors, aiming to capture mirrors without her reflection: “Usually when you look in a mirror, you see your reflection. I thought it would be interesting to capture a different side of mirrors, seeing other things in the reflection instead of yourself.” Bridget expanded her project by incorporating interior architectural shots that explore natural lighting and preserve scenes through a new window.

Currently, Bridget is preparing her digital prints for a local photography show. Over the past two years, she has entered her work in several art shows. Bridget’s work ranges from landscapes to portraits, and overall, they each tell a distinct story.

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  • Very Cool — both Bridget’s photos and the presentation!