Get Your Head in the Game: Boys Basketball Preview

Claire Wilson ’17, Sports Editor 

The boys basketball team is looking at another great season this year. Though they have set a high standard for themselves with their 25-1 season record last year, the team is aiming for another title winning season with seniors Colin Meany ‘17, Walter Whyte ‘17 and Joel Boyce ‘17 as the leaders. The Sentinel sat down with two of the team’s key players–Jonas Harper ‘18 and John Wisdom ‘18–and they shared some insights about the upcoming season.  Harper is a point guard, which he described saying, “as a point guard, I direct the team, memorize the plays…you have to be the leader on the court. I’m a vocal leader, [I] direct where everyone is going, you know things before they happen.”  Wisdom is a power forward, whose role, he says, is to “be a player” and follow the directions of the point guard.

The team has already had two non-conference scrimmages, one against Lincoln High School in Brooklyn and the other against Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains. Both teams that they faced were tough challengers and although they lost both, they continued to develop their team dynamic and improved their individual skills. One setback, according to Harper, was that “Joel [Boyce] was not allowed to play because he is a 5th year player, so in New York there is a rule where players can only play for four years [in high school].” Luckily, there’s only one other game where that rule applies.

When discussing the second scrimmage, Wisdom said, “we slowed down a little bit after we came out hot in the start.” Jonas added, “we will try our hardest to win every game, but sometimes we get tired of running all the time. We’re working on stamina.” The Boys Basketball crew is one of the hardest working St. Luke’s teams with numerous practices and workouts, including two hour practices on Saturday.

The team lost last year’s seniors Jalen Latta ‘16 and Shannon Smith ‘16.  Wisdom responded saying, “Shannon was the glue”. When we asked Jonas if he thought the loss of these seniors would have a large effect, he said, “No, Shannon and Jalen were such key pieces to our team, but I feel like  we are better talent wise. We got two Jacksons [Jackson Selvala ‘18 and Jackson Ryan ‘18], Cole Bryant ‘20, and Scott Vollmer ‘19.  But we do miss Shannon and Jalen.” The new captains seem to be stepping up to take their place by “being vocal and encouraging.” John described the captains as “some of the best captains [he’d] had.” “Overall the season’s looking great,” Jonas added optimistically. We are all looking forward to their upcoming season and seeing a game.

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