Girl’s Basketball Preview 2016

Sophia Feldman ’18, Staff Writer

The Sentinel sat down with junior captains McKenna Frank ‘18 and Maya Klein ‘18 to talk about the upcoming Girls Basketball 2016-2017 season. The girls discussed expectations, aspirations, and what the St. Luke’s community should await for this basketball period. 

The team only lost one senior from last year, Kit Hamill ‘16, and are hopeful the team will remain strong. They have confidence in their one current senior captain Sydney Lowery ‘17 and are excited about their other junior captain Bridget Dalton ‘18. The group also gained two new players, Thaise Sudano ‘18 and Caroline Lao ‘22, and believe they will be helpful additions to the team. Frank and Klein believe the biggest regular season challenge will be Greenwich Academy, a school that has consistently been tough competition and recruited new girls. 

The girls are really excited about their new Head Coach Matt Ward. Mr. Ward is the new dean of students to the Upper School. Frank said, “He [Ward] is good on and off the court, you can go into his office during your frees and talk about any issues you may have. He is so understanding.” Klein agreed responding, “He’s a role model for us. I am really excited to have him as our coach this season.” 

In terms of their hopes for the season, the girls seemed optimistic about winning FAAs.  Frank said, “We’re striving to win New England’s but for right now we are trying to focus game by game and see where that takes us.” Nonetheless, the St. Luke’s Community should prepare to witness a very strong team on the court this season.

To kick off the season, the team will be playing a tournament this weekend at Miss Hall’s in Massachusetts. “The competition should be challenging but we are excited to start playing as a team,” said Klein. The girls are really excited about this season and are hoping the Monsoon will come out and support. Klein continued, “We need fans. We play better when we have fans and we win so please come out and watch.”  The Sentinel is looking forward to seeing what the rest of the season will look like.

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