Spirit Week StormStyle (10/17/16-10/21/16)

Charlie Hobbs ’17, Staff Writer 

A personal favorite of this spirit week, sisters Gabby, ’17, and Jewels, ’19, were adorable in matching PJ rompers. Bonus points for socks and slippers and the senior pillow fort in the background!

Charlie Hobbs and Mary Zech, ’17, didn’t take the typical route for their blue senior day. Mary took denim all the way (look at that joutfit!), and Charlie’s blue patchy overalls brought a bold pop of color!


Senior Lily Williams brought the irony to SLS jersey day, showing hometown pride for the New Canaan rams. The sheer mesh look combined with a pair of ripped jeans was simple effortlessly stylish

Nothing can brighten your day quite like the sight of Daisy Duck or Mickey Mouse, and Adiah Price-Tucker, ’18, and Ana Luque, ’17, were sure to deliver the smiles. Combining fun bows with youthful tutus truly brought the look together.


For the homecoming dance, sophomores Katherine Pellegrino, Olivia Schwartz, and Sydney Napolitano had some fun repping their school. Each donned an oversized jersey from past students, putting a fun spin on the overdone “school spirit” vibe.

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