Top 10 Flik Hacks

Ripley Goodwyn ’18 and Claire Wilson ’18 share with us their top hacks to create some delicious Flik meals.

  1. Make a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich.
  2. Use olive oil on toast instead of clearly inferior butter.
  3. Ask one of the staff for fruit- it’s fresher and always available.
  4. Ask Matt what the best option is- he’ll give you his honest opinion.
  5. Bring your own chicken and dressing for salads rather than being stuck with the sketchy toppings from the salad bar.
  6. Put the sauce of the day on the rice to add some actual flavor.
  7. Always read what’s on the menu- you may miss interesting options in the salad bar, soup, and action station.
  8. Put ice in the chocolate milk for a better taste-but make sure to drink it fast!
  9. Mix lemonade and peach cocktail for a zesty surprise!
  10. Keep a stash of microwave popcorn and hot chocolate in your locker so you always have a quick snack.
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