Claire Wilson ’18, Sports Editor 

After an FAA title winning season last year, there were big expectations for the St. Luke’s Soccer team this year. So far, the team is living up to their reputation with a 3-2 win against GFA a few weeks ago, 6-2 win against Convent of the Sacred Heart, and the 2-0 win against Millbrook. The team’s success is largely due to the impressive group of upperclassmen who are leading the team to victory. The captains of the team, Seena Panagiotidis 17’, Caroline Thompson 18’, Caitlyn Conetta ‘17, and Natalie Bachman ‘17, are stepping up both in games and practices to lead the team.


Though the team lost a few important seniors and other players, they have adapted well, as Elizabeth Laub 18’ described the transition, “we’ve had a different team dynamic but we’re coming together. We have a good team bond and I think we get better every game.”


Although the seniors have been an important part of their success this year, the underclassmen have played a role as well. Elizabeth noted this trend, “we do have a few rising freshman and one returning freshman, Lea [Panagiotidis] 20’. We have a pretty young team and they’re going to keep the program going strong at SLS.”
In addition to a shifting roster, there have been a few other unexpected changes, which the team has used to their advantage. “We lost Buzz, who was our assistant coach and now we have Garnie [Miss Garnett].” says Elizabeth, “She has definitely provided a new dynamic for the team.” She also explained that there have been a few surprises within the FAA, “teams that beat us last year that have lost to teams that we beat. So, we’ll have to see what their team looks like this year.” Overall soccer seems to be off to a good start and are setting their sights for the FAA title once again.

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