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Brown and Johnson Bring a Monsoon of School Spirit to SLS!

In order for St. Luke’s to maintain our school spirit, two enthusiastic seniors, Nick Brown and Dylan Johnson, stepped up to become our Monsoon Leaders. St. Luke’s has had new Monsoon Leaders from the senior class every year since the tradition began, and their job is to contribute energy and spirit to our sports teams....


Get to Know the Senior Class! Funniest Summer Memories

Although there has been a common misconception that all seniors are intimidating, this past summer the SLS class of 2020 had relatable experiences that show who we really are as a group. Through countless laughs and hilarious memories, this summer has been one to remember for St. Luke’s seniors.  Here are some of the highlights...


New designLab Gives a Home to Innovators

Note: This article was co-written by Victoria Whitcomb ’20 and Michael Pizzani ’19 One of the crowning glories of the new wing is the vast designLab. The new designLab, located on the second floor, right next to the Black Box, is both a department and physical space that houses engineering and robotics courses along with...


An Introduction to SLS’ New Club: Americares

By Victoria Whitcomb ’20 and Lynden Steele ’19: As St. Luke’s students return to the Hilltop for the outset of the 2018-2019 school year, there are many new opportunities for us to explore. Since attention has been focused on the new wing and especially the Cafe, new clubs that offer several different ways to advance...