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Why I am a Proud Feminist

Why I am a Proud Feminist

February 5, 2020

The Endless Australian Blazes

Claiborne Beurle '23, Staff Writer

January 18, 2020

Stampeding heaps of fire  And sprawled among the roads  Animals trapped in wire fences  Have nowhere else to go.    The land’s completely captured  By ashes in the breeze.  There’s hardly even a line to spl...

The Holiday Dilemma

The Holiday Dilemma

December 19, 2019

We go to a high-achieving school. What does this say about our stress levels?

Danielle Nares '21, Staff Writer

October 29, 2019

Despite its many variations, most of our parents (and even we ourselves) believe in a foolproof roadmap to success: it starts in high school with good grades that get us into good colleges, which in turn launch us in...

I believe in the need for civil political discourse. But I’m also part of the problem.

Georgia Rosenberg '19, Editor in Chief

April 26, 2019

On Thursday, we had the pleasure of welcoming CT Congressman Jim Himes and CNN anchor and SLS parent Alisyn Camerota to the Hilltop. The two offered advice, opinions, and thoughts surrounding the notion of civil political discour...

With a Scarcity of Meditations, Students and Faculty Wonder What’s Changed

Susanna Montgomery '19

February 11, 2019

Here at SLS, “Meditations” are a time when the Upper School comes together to listen to a faculty member or student give a short 10-minute speech on a topic of their choice every Thursday. Speakers have shared stories of life-changing...

Some Things Really Do Last Forever

Georgia Rosenberg '19, Editor in Chief

February 6, 2019

We’ve all been subjects of the same speech: the one that highlights the eternal existence of social media posts. We’ve been told to think before we post something or hit send, because there is no such thing as a real “trash”...

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