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2020-2021 Staff

Elyse Kim '21

Elyse Kim ’21

Elyse came to St. Luke’s in fifth grade and is currently a senior. She has been writing for the Sentinel since fall 2018, and she enjoys writing features about fellow St. Luke’s students and faculty. Elyse is the Sentinel’s...

Danielle Nares '21
Co-Communications Editor

Danielle Nares ’21

Danielle Nares is a junior at SLS and has been on The Sentinel for the past two years. She served as co-editor of the On Campus and Arts sections for the winter season, and is currently co-director of Communications. Danielle i...

Abby Thomas '23
Sports Editor

Abby Thomas ’23

Abby Thomas is a sophomore and has been a part of The Sentinel for a year. She is the Sports Editor and plans on continuing writing for The Sentinel in her many years to come throughout all the seasons. She loves journalism an...

Cessa Lewis '23
Staff Writer

Cessa Lewis ’23

Cessa is a current tenth grader and joined the Sentinel recently in the spring. She is thrilled that she’s able to be a part of this fantastic team of writers. She is excited to learn more about journalism and spread knowle...

Doron Loewenberg '21
Staff Writer

Doron Loewenberg ’21

Doron Loewenberg is a current member of the St Luke’s class of 2021. He has been writing for the Sentinel since 2019. Doron loves to write about anything and everything, as long as he can put his own unique touch on everything. ...

Tigerlily Jensen '21
Staff Writer

Tigerlily Jensen ’21

Known by most people around campus as “Tlil,” Tigerlily Jensen is a senior and is so excited to be part of The Sentinel for the first time. She is a proud member of the JV Girls tennis team, as well as being the Varsity Boys Baske...

Samantha Bauer '23
Staff Writer

Samantha Bauer ’23

Samantha Bauer is a sophomore, and she is so excited to be a part of The Sentinel once again! She loves to write and contribute to the community. This will be her second season writing! ...

Ale Lewis '23
Staff Writer

Ale Lewis ’23

Jackson Hart '21
Staff Writer

Jackson Hart ’21

Jackson Hart, a senior at St. Luke’s, joined the Sentinel team this year, is a member of the Varsity Cross Country team, and is a certified EMT. In his spare time, Jackson enjoys reading, hanging out with friends, volunteer...

Kiley Galvin '23
Staff Writer

Kiley Galvin ’23

Kiley Galvin joined the SLS community this school year as an incoming freshman. She is a member of both the Varsity Field Hockey team and the Sentinel, and is excited to participate on the tennis team in the spring. She is currently co-edito...

Myles Sead '23
Guest Contributor

Myles Sead ’23

Cate Mathews '21
Guest Contributor

Cate Mathews ’21

Cate is an avid debater, foodie, and future political analyst. She has a dueling love of physical and social sciences and is excited to offer that perspective to the Sentinel. She hopes to use her platform in the newspaper to encou...

Jack Silverman '23
Guest Contributor

Jack Silverman ’23

Samantha Schwartz '21
Guest Contributor

Samantha Schwartz ’21

Ava Weneck '24
Guest Contributor

Ava Weneck ’24

Ava Weneck is a freshman and is looking forward to joining the Sentinel! In her spare time, Ava likes to ski, row, and spend quality time with her family and friends. She is a huge sports fan, and her favorite teams are from Kan...

Ms. Sproule
Faculty Advisor

Ms. Sproule

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