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2021-2022 Staff

Ale Lewis 23

Ale Lewis ’23

Ale came to St. Luke's in sixth grade and is currently a junior.  She has been writing for the Sentinel since 2019, and is incredibly excited for this year!  When she is not adamantly writing Voices and On-Campus Articles, Ale...

Abby Thomas 23
Sports Editor

Abby Thomas ’23

Abby Thomas is a current junior and has been a part of The Sentinel for two years.  She came to St. Luke's in 7th grade and joined The Sentinel her freshman year.  She is the Sports Editor and plans on continuing writing for...

Hannah Gunn 23
Science & Technology Editor

Hannah Gunn ’23

Hannah Gunn came to St. Luke's in 5th grade and is a current junior. She has been a part of The Sentinel since her freshman year and is the Science and Technology Editor.   Hannah enjoys cross country, riding horses, and running...

Laura Haley 23
Voices Editor

Laura Haley ’23

Laura joined the Sentinel team her junior year and wished she joined sooner! When she not binge-watching the Great British Baking Show with her mom, she enjoys running, reading and sharing laughs with her friends.  She loves...

Kiley Galvin 23
Odds & Ends Writer

Kiley Galvin ’23

Kiley Galvin joined the Sentinel as a freshman and is looking forward to her third winter season writing for the paper.  She enjoys writing articles for the Sports and the Voices sections.  She is a member of both the Varsity...

Catherine Steele 23
Staff Writer

Catherine Steele ’23

Cat is currently a junior at St. Luke's, and it is her second year. This season will be her first with the Sentinel, and she is looking forward to it! In her free time, she likes to write–anything from songs to poems–so she is...

Kate Hammer 25
Staff Writer

Kate Hammer ’25

Kate is a freshman and is new to the Sentinel. Kate has been at SLS since 6th grade. She is eager to write for our school's newspaper and can't wait to become a journalist! When she isn't kicking a soccer ball around her backya...

Nate Lewis 25
Staff Writer

Nate Lewis ’25

Nate has never been more inspired to write than now.  Nate's only flaw is he doesn't know when to stop writing.  He has yet to start an article, but he is passionate about every issue from climate change to cross country.

Lucy Collins 24
Staff Writer

Lucy Collins ’24

Lucy is currently a sophomore, and she has been part of the St. Luke's community since sixth grade. She joined the Sentinel her freshman year and enjoys writing sports features and spotlights on events at St. Luke's, such as J...

Cessa Lewis 23
Guest Writer

Cessa Lewis ’23

Cessa is a current eleventh-grader and joined the Sentinel recently in the spring. She is thrilled that she’s able to be a part of this fantastic team of writers. She is excited to learn more about journalism and spread knowle...

Samantha Bauer 23
Guest Writer

Samantha Bauer ’23

Samantha Bauer is a sophomore, and she is so excited to be a part of The Sentinel once again! She loves to write and contribute to the community. This will be her second season writing! ...

Myles Sead 23
Guest Contributor

Myles Sead ’23

Jack Silverman 23
Guest Contributor

Jack Silverman ’23

Ms. Sproule
Faculty Advisor

Ms. Sproule

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