Our Very Own Wonder Woman: Mrs. Westerberg-Egan


Mrs. Westerberg-Egan

Abby Thomas '23, Odds & Ends Editor

Some teachers truly are superheroes. One of St. Luke’s’ very own heroes is none other than the fabulous Mrs. Westerberg-Egan (aka Westy). 

This winter, she and Mr. Griffa, the Upper School Music Department Chair, have taken up the mantle of directing the Upper School musical Pippin. Westy also choreographs the show, teaches middle school humanities, and runs the Middle School Student Council.

Emily Stute ‘20 said that as a director for Pippin, “she… takes the time to check in on her students and cast members to see how they’re doing.”

As well as being considerate to all the cast members, she is a fantastic leader. Myles Sead ‘23 noted, “It’s pretty epic to see her be able to take charge… and still be able to focus on her life.” She displays such leadership that she motivates the cast to work hard. 

Sam Bauer ‘23 added that Westy “has put together some incredible choreography… [and] every time [they] have rehearsal, [she] always has a new, creative dance move.”

As the Middle School Student Council advisor, Westy makes “things… run really smoothly,” Joe Derr, the middle school president, shared. Derr also commented on her as a teacher: “When I had her as a teacher… she [was] always happy to help.”

If you ever wondered what her life is like outside of the classroom, over the summer, Westy married Casey Egan “surrounded by so many dear friends and family.” Mr. Shee, Upper School World Language Department Chair, officiated the wedding alongside Westy’s mom.

In October, Westy and her husband found out they were expecting their first child! Westy explained how she is “feeling EVERY range of emotion: from excitement to nervousness, but mostly a whole lot of love and positivity!” They have already chosen a name for their little girl: Eleanor Suzanne Westerberg-Egan. She explained, “Eleanor for Eleanor Roosevelt and Suzanne for Mom — two strong, badass women I respect and admire.” 

Henry Jodka ‘20, pointed out that “Westy is going through a move right now, so the fact that she is pregnant, moving, AND being able to choreograph and co-direct [Pippin] with such grace is insane.” She is doing all of this for the school as well as balancing a rich home life.

Without her tireless work ethic and determination, she wouldn’t be able to pull off everything she does. Emily Stute captured it perfectly when she said, “Westy is basically Wonder Woman.”