The Turtleneck Tuesday Club

The Turtleneck Tuesday Club: Dylan Johnson ’20, Andrew Lau ’20, Jack Truwit ’20, Wes Meyers ’20, Justin Pearl ’21, Nick Brown ’20, Landon Bachman ’20, Ned Cummings ’20, Phil Platek ’20

Ever since Thursday, September 19, the Turtleneck Tuesday Club has been in full affect. 

According to Dylan Johnson and Andrew Lau, this movement was inspired by a past St. Luke’s student Sam Boston. On picture day last year, Sam wore a turtleneck and chain, and according to the Turtleneck Tuesday boys, “He changed the game.” 

A few boys started wearing them last year after Sam inspired them, but they never really thought much of it. However, on the first day of school this year, the boys asked themselves, “Who really wants to wear a shirt and tie anyway?” This is when the movement started. 

Andrew Lau and Wes Myers found the grey heather turtlenecks and sent the link around in order to garner popularity for the trend. Everyone was thrilled by the idea. In fact, the boys were so excited to cast aside their button-down shirts and ties that when the packages arrived on Wednesday, they couldn’t wait and insisted on wearing them on Thursday. They dressed in their turtlenecks, blazers, and chains, sporting comfort in style. 

The Turtleneck Tuesday Club plans on continuing this look through spring break, when they can wear polos and not feel constricted by the harsh grip of their ties around their necks. However, until then, the Turtleneck Tuesday Club is open for any and all to join.

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