Brown and Johnson Bring a Monsoon of School Spirit to SLS!


Victoria Whitcomb '20, Staff Writer


In order for St. Luke’s to maintain our school spirit, two enthusiastic seniors, Nick Brown and Dylan Johnson, stepped up to become our Monsoon Leaders.

St. Luke’s has had new Monsoon Leaders from the senior class every year since the tradition began, and their job is to contribute energy and spirit to our sports teams. Monsoon Leaders attend most sport games, from football and soccer to basketball and lacrosse, to show St. Luke’s spirit and encourage fellow students to do the same.

“We attend as many sporting events as possible and also theater productions!” Johnson explained.

Oz Jensen ‘19, who graduated last spring, passed this leadership role down to Nick and Dylan in his senior will. After talking to Nick and Dylan about who they think they are going to leave the job to, Johnson stated, “We do not know yet. People have to prove themselves and show they are worthy.”

Thanks to our Monsoon Leaders, we have designated themes for some sport events. For example, at the Varsity football game against King, the first one of the season, Nick and Dylan sent out an email stating that the game was going to be a “white out.” This helped unite our school in support of SLS.

“Color themes for sporting events brings unity to our community to support our teams. Helps us feel like we are a group. We are the Monsoon,” Brown stated.

To hear more from the Monsoon Leaders, Nick and Dylan encourage everyone to join the Monsoon 2019-2020 Facebook group for more updates. Go Storm!