Seniors Spill: Halloween Edition

Grace McKessy '20, Staff Writer

As the leaves fall and the weather gets cooler, everyone starts looking forward to Halloween. It’s all about carving pumpkins, haunted houses, and of course, getting free candy.

As October 31st rolls around, the seniors began to feel a little nostalgic about what this holiday once entailed for them.

Margaret Gregorich reminisced on dressing up as Hello Kitty and accumulating as many Almond Joys as possible. Her favorite part of Halloween was dumping out all her candy after the night was over and sitting down with all her friends to trade. Margaret also remembers one Halloween when she was trick-or-treating with her neighbor, and her neighbor began to swing her candy bag around, hit her own face with the bag, and ended up having to go home because it was bleeding so much.

Jerry Rutigliano remembers dressing up as Spiderman and becoming sick to his stomach after eating too many Kit Kats. Ellis Beurle also remembers eating too many Kit Kats when she was dressed up as the tooth fairy. Ellis and Jerry’s favorite part of Halloween growing up was trick-or-treating at houses that gave out king size bars.

Aida Nahas remembers that her favorite costume she wore growing up was a bunny. Her favorite memory was sneaking downstairs during the night after her parents went to bed and eating her huge pile of candy.

Henry Selvala’s favorite Halloween memory was going house to house with his friends,  filing his entire pillowcase up with candy. Henry’s favorite costumes growing up were dressing as a pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean or in a bright green morphsuit. His favorite candy is Laffy Taffy.

On the other hand, Phil Platek remembers his favorite costume growing up as an army guy and his favorite Halloween candy as Hershey’s Kisses.

Now, Alexa Feldman is not a huge fan of the holiday, but she does fondly remember dressing up as a gypsy and collecting as many Kit Kats as possible.

Lastly, Sophie Kritcher’s favorite Halloween memory is decorating her house when she was younger with her family. Her favorite Halloween candy are Reese’s, and her favorite costume growing up was being a Twix bar in fourth grade.

Even though the seniors seem to have outgrown their trick-or-treating days, the Sentinel staff wishes everyone in the St. Luke’s community a fun, safe, and king size candy filled Halloween.