Get to Know the Senior Class! Funniest Summer Memories

Victoria Whitcomb '20, Staff Writer

Although there has been a common misconception that all seniors are intimidating, this past summer the SLS class of 2020 had relatable experiences that show who we really are as a group. Through countless laughs and hilarious memories, this summer has been one to remember for St. Luke’s seniors.

Here are some of the highlights of the funniest summer memories from the class of 2020:

Lars Ernberg: “Definitely when Andrew Lau wiped out in the bunker at a golf course.”

Lea Panagiotidis: “When I got three strikes in a row at bowling and finally beat Wes.”

Maddie Otero: “When Victoria and our friend Chloe fell into the pool, fully clothed, at Chloe’s graduation party.”

Jackie Thompson: “Playing Heads Up! with Victoria and Maddie and laughing so hard about some of the song names.”

Henry Selvala: “When I was in Michigan with my family, and I had to get on the jetski, but I slipped and fell into the lake with my clothes and shoes on.”

Alexa Feldman: “At a pool party, Victoria pushed me in the pool, and then I got her!”

Sadie Vehslage: “When I fell off the diving board.”

Along with SLS seniors, faculty shared a few funny memories as well:

Mr. Griffa: “Running out of my villa in Bali when there was an earthquake and making it to the pool with enough time to watch the water shake.”

Mr. Ward: “Watching my daughter celebrate the Women’s World Cup Championship. She was so excited, yet she doesn’t have a clue what is happening.”

Ms. Perry: “Both of my daughters were trying to learn how to boogie board in New Jersey, so my husband insisted on helping. Watching him get out there was hilarious.”