Seniors Spill: Prime Lunch Locations

Grace McKessy '20, Staff Writer

As the school year begins, the new seniors are using their privilege to leave campus and escape Flik as much as possible. One of the most popular lunch destinations is Pine Street, the road just outside of town that is home to everyone’s favorite places. According to Sadie Vehslage, Tony’s New Canaan Special with avocado is the superior breakfast sandwich; however, according to Henry Selvala, a Pippi with the eggs runny and extra bacon is the only thing to order. Right next door at Zumbach’s, you will most likely find Aida Nahas ordering an iced mocha latte or an “Iced Z” with Ellis Beurle. Across the street, Phil Platek is ordering his favorite pulled pork sandwich at CT Sandwich accompanied by a carton of coconut water.  Leaving Pine street and traveling a little bit down the road, Emily Stute is at Embody ordering a twisted green, “no questions asked.” Now Margaret Gregorich and Sophie Kriftcher are at New Canaan Chicken (the former Chicken Joe’s) ordering senior wraps, and Alexa Feldman is stopping by Fjord Fish Market to pick up whatever sushi roll she wants that day. A town over Allie Vogel and Lizzy Adamsen are ordering Pokeworks burritos with ahi tuna, salmon, avocado, edamame, sesame seeds,and wonton chips, and topping it all off with wasabi aioli. Finally, Jackson McManus and Dylan Johnson make a stop at La Familia for some pepperoni pizza before heading back for afternoon classes. Meanwhile, as all of this is happening, Lea Panagiotidis is going back to her house to take a nap and recharge. Although everyone may disagree about the best lunch location, the senior class is united in the fact that leaving campus is the best senior privilege. It is refreshing to be able to take a break, get some food, or even perhaps a nap, and come back to campus with your assigned parking spot waiting for your return.