SLS Students Find Ways to Fill Free Time While Under Quarantine

Though the coronavirus has forced the world into isolation, members of the St. Luke’s community are using the extra time at home to relax and try new activities.


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Samantha Bauer '23

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone’s daily routine has changed in some way. Lots of people suddenly have endless amounts of time on their hands. Some have picked up new hobbies, and others have revisited old ones. Though everyone is looking forward to going back to the Hilltop, newfound free time needs to be filled up in the interim.    

Highlighting perhaps the most common activity among students, Sam Liveri ‘23 said she’s been watching “lots of Netflix and movies.”  

Besides watching tons of movies, there have been other activities that are popular among students. 

Claiborne Beurle ‘23 likes doing “puzzles… [and] painting ….” She also said, “I might listen to an audio book.” 

The free time has given her a chance to revisit old hobbies. Beurle commented, “I’ve always kind of done a little bit of everything, but…with all this free time I have more time to…sew….I haven’t really tried that many new activities,…[but] I’ve been doing more of everything I used to do a little bit of.” 

Adding to the list of fun activities, Sloan Barker ‘22 shared, “I tried out some fancy towel folding.” She added that she also “got some jewelry making stuff.” After all, it’s the perfect time to start making some friendship bracelets for summer. 

Most people are finding themselves taking walks every day, just to get some fresh air. “If the weather is nice, I’ll go for a walk because there’s nothing else to do,” said Liana Seale ‘21. 

On the bright side,  “[Liana has] been able to get outside so much more,” which is an enjoyable addition to her schedule because at “physical school you have to be inside the school all day.” 

One of the new activities Seale is trying involves a fun way to take notes in class. On her touch screen device, she is able to hand write notes online instead of typing them. “I’ve been writing [some] really cute notes,” Seale added. “I also started learning how to knit.” 

Sloan Barker shared another highlight of distance learning: “I really like being able to sleep in.” 

Lots of students are enjoying sleeping in because most kids and teachers had to wake up much earlier for their commute to school. Liana Seale said, “I used to have to drive… to school”. Now she can sleep later since she doesn’t have to leave the house. 

Though we’ve all enjoyed our free time, Barker continued,“I feel like I’ve relaxed enough.”

SLS students are all missing their favorite things about being at school. Barker explained, “I loved going to lunch with all my friends.” She added, “I miss my teachers.” 

Liveri commented, “I’m missing my friends more…, [and] I miss seeing people.” She further explained, “I miss planning things,” and shared that going back to school with “more work would be worth it to do things I love.” 

Everyone has that one fun event that they are looking forward to. It could be a sports game, a musical production, or a vacation, but it can get everyone through the most difficult times. With the uncertainty that surrounds these much-anticipated events, it is more important than ever to help each other get through this crisis.   

Sloan speaks for everyone when she said, “I appreciate what the teachers are doing… and for me, most of the ways that they have chosen [to do online school] have worked.” 

The teachers are doing all they can to make students feel comfortable with online learning. 

Barker also misses “people who aren’t [her] friends; just seeing them in the St. Luke’s community.” 

As soon as we get back to reality, Barker shared that one of the things she wants to do is “appreciate the people …[she’s] around more.” 

This time away from school has given Barker a chance to reflect on what’s important in life. “In the future, when my schedule is packed and I have…an hour of freedom, … I’m going to appreciate it more,” Barker commented. 

Everyone can notice the silver linings of the current situation. Barker said she has “[seen] how the world has…flourished.” 

Life lessons are being discovered throughout the experience of living during the Coronavirus outbreak. Barker said it perfectly: “We’re learning to appreciate the things we never thought we had to appreciate before.” Everyone should keep this in mind during and after the time in quarantine. 

Liana Seale agreed when she said, “I feel like I will appreciate other people’s company more.” Liana said the thing she is most excited for is seeing her friends. “I’m really looking forward to… spending time with [them],” she added.

The hardest thing for her is not seeing her friends. “I miss my friends so much,” Liana said. Though you can see people’s faces during online school, it’s just not the same. Liana said “I miss seeing people in person.”

No one ever expected this to happen in the new decade. The hope is that the world will grow stronger throughout the fight with the virus. Meanwhile, everyone should find ways to keep a positive mindset and support those who are doing everything they can to get the world healthy again. Students are doing a great job finding ways to stay busy and learning to be flexible with their new normal. Though this situation is not ideal, this time is an opportunity to appreciate what you hadn’t before. When everyone returns to the Hilltop, our community will truly appreciate our time together and cherish those memories for years to come. For now, the St. Luke’s community is staying strong and busy at a distance.