St. Luke’s Investment Club’s Value Keeps Rising


Members of the Investment Club at the 2019 Club Expo.

Hannah Gunn '23

The St. Luke’s Investment Club, which began this past fall, has been going strong all year and continues even with distance learning. The club, founded by Aidan Gunn ‘21 and Rex Jensen ‘21, meets weekly to discuss financial markets and the economy, and members even compete with each other through a stock market simulation. 

Aidan Gunn was inspired to start the club because he has “a strong interest in the stock market and economy,” and he wanted to “deepen his knowledge and help others learn about finance.” 

Co-Founder Rex Jensen added, “Our mission is to provide students with a general overview of how markets and the economy function. We do this through weekly meetings where we discuss pertinent topics and through discussions with various people who work in the financial sector.” 

The switch to online learning did not slow them down, as the club continues to meet weekly via Zoom to discuss the current financial crisis and any other updates regarding the economy and stock market. 

The highlight of the club this year has been learning from St. Luke’s parents with experience in the financial world. For example, in December, club members enjoyed learning from Susan Adamsen about her career in investment banking and wealth management at JPMorgan Chase. In May, the group had the unique opportunity to gain insights and perspective on the current market from Gregg Lemkau, Co-Chief of the Investing Banking Division for Goldman Sachs. Also this past month, Rich Vogel shared his career path and current take on the economic environment with club members. Mr. Vogel is a founding partner and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Loeb Enterprises, where he is responsible for the company’s operations and overall financial management.

 “We are so grateful for the opportunity to learn from parents who have chartered a career in finance and are willing to take time to share their perspectives on the market, this turbulent time, and their own career path,” Gunn commented. “It has been such an amazing opportunity for club members to learn from these speakers who have a wealth of knowledge to impart.”  Gunn also commented, “Next year we hope to grow the club, bring in more speakers, and participate in the annual ‘Stock Market Challenge’ in Stamford.”

The members deepen their knowledge of the financial market through an ongoing stock market simulation where they each trade securities based on events happening in the world. Each member starts with 100K in virtual money and can invest it in ETFs, stocks, bonds, and indices. Club member Ryan Sherman ‘21 shared, “I think it’s really cool how the simulation teaches us how to maximize returns while mitigating risk. It also prepares us for the real world.”

The simulations and insightful discussions with guest speakers have certainly provided the Investment Club members with different perspectives about the industry and economy.