Annual Inspirica Walkathon Holds a Special Place in the St. Luke’s Community

The St. Luke’s community walks in support of Inspirica every year to help break the cycle of homelessness. Though this year’s event will take place online, the commitment to serve will be the same.


Photo by Julia Muller.

Samantha Bauer '23

Every fall, St. Luke’s participates in the annual Inspirica Walkathon. Though normally held in Stamford, this year’s walkathon will take place online. Even though the Walkathon is virtual, people can still help break the cycle of homelessness in an easy and fun way. 

Inspirica is an organization that addresses poverty and homelessness for adults, children, and families. They supply meals and healthcare, as well as career courses and housing. Inspirica’s mission is even more important now considering COVID-19’s impact on homelessness. Many locals have lost their jobs, housing, and healthcare. The Walkathon reminds us every year that we must help others in our community. Inspirica truly cares about the future of each and every one of the people they assist, which is one of the many great reasons to support them.    

Inspirica’s Sarah Kennedy shared that the Walkathon helps the organization achieve their goal of changing lives.  

“Inspirica’s One Step Closer to Home Walkathon helps us raise money to fund our programs that help our neighbors in-need find stable jobs and permanent housing, and help homeless children prepare for their futures. In other words, your strides truly change lives,” Kennedy said.

The Service Board, the club that manages service opportunities at St. Luke’s is always ready to promote the Walkathon every year. Students are excited to be a part of the Walkathon because it reminds them of the beginning of the year and the start of community service. Not only does the Walkathon raise money to help fight homelessness, but it also brings the St. Luke’s community together to bring awareness to an important cause. 

Service Board member Sam Stevelman ‘23 helped communicate with Inspirica in order to organize the event. In her volunteer work with Inspirica, Stevelman has seen the organization’s impact firsthand.  

“Inspirica is a gift to every one of its residents,” Stevelman said. “During my time at the youth center, I have gotten to know each and every kid and love to make them feel special and cared for. Even though they are children living in a homeless shelter, all they want is love and affection, like every one of us.”

This year’s walkathon will take place from September 20 to October 4. After registering, participants will download an app called Charity Footprints, which will track their steps until the Walkathon ends. 

You can raise money for the organization by registering and asking family and friends to sponsor you. This sponsorship money makes a meaningful impact in our community. For example, $250 can provide a new crib and bedding to a homeless infant. That said, even the smallest donations count. 

Please register here! You may also watch this video to learn more about Inspirica and past years’ Walkathons.