How COVID-19 Has Changed My Perspective on School, Relationships, and the Future


TMJ4 Milwaukee

Ava Weneck '24

This past year has been unpredictable to say the least. With COVID-19, I and many others were soon laden with never-before-seen obstacles. Before I knew it, schools were forced to simulate a typical day at school from home, Zoom and FaceTime became the primary sources of communication, and the whole country completely shut down. These unprecedented and unusual times have definitely given me a new perspective on school, relationships, and the future. 

COVID-19 has changed my perspective on school immensely. Last year, I was enrolled at a different school. This past March, when my classmates and I heard over the intercom that we were going to adopt remote learning, I was initially excited. With distance learning, I was able to sleep in until 8:45, finish school at noon, and have condensed class times. However, as time progressed, I found myself itching to be in school. I missed working on science projects in a proper lab setting, using my locker to store my books and pencils, and actually seeing my friends and teachers in person. I didn’t realize how much I loved attending school until I was isolated. I had an epiphany which allowed me to open my eyes, and I now have an even greater appreciation for school than before. This school year, I have been loving St. Luke’s on the Hilltop! I find that in-school learning allows the community to coalesce, and the students learn in a more interactive way. I am also relieved to be in school because it has given me the opportunity to meet my new classmates and teachers, and get acclimated to St. Luke’s. I truly could not be more grateful to be here.

COVID-19 has also affected my outlook on my personal relationships. With the pandemic, I was unable to visit family and friends, since all my family resides in Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Germany. During lockdown, I was persistent to FaceTime my cousins and friends, and my family organized many Zoom meetings. Especially during Easter, I was able to Zoom with my entire maternal family, which was really rejuvenating. I also made sure to uphold my regular regimen by calling my grandparents weekly. Since all my family lives far away, it can sometimes be easy to fall out of touch. This pandemic has given me a whole new perspective on relationships because it has taught me to appreciate every day I have with my family and friends.  I have become more cognizant of the wonderful relationships I have and have learned to cherish them even more. I am also thankful to have FaceTime and Zoom available!

Lastly, COVID-19 has given me a new viewpoint on the future. Prior to the virus, I felt a little more defiant. Although I practiced good habits, I was still a little oblivious to many things. For instance, I would never think twice about retaining social distance from others, wearing a mask on a plane, or sanitizing groceries before stocking them in the pantry. Going forward, I will definitely consider practicing these habits because they are vital to ensure one’s health from this contagious virus. Now, I have more of a propensity to do these things habitually, and I’m sure these new inclinations will become engraved into my future everyday routine. That being said, I am hopeful that someday we can part ways with these habits and return to normalcy with a greater appreciation for daily gifts like plane rides and trips to the grocery store.

Overall, COVID-19 has had an astronomical impact on my appreciation for school, my relationships, and the future. COVID-19 has helped me recognize all there is to be grateful for, as well as realize the importance of  health and safety precautions.  Although these times are tough, I encourage you to find some silver linings in all of this, and not to dwell on the negatives from this pandemic.