Introducing the 2021-2022 Student Council President, Chris Wearing


Hannah Gunn '23, Staff Writer

This school year has been like no other for all members of the SLS community. As we all adjusted to the new protocols for Covid, the Student Council organized coffee houses and Kahoot games to foster community. The Student Council was essential during Covid and will continue to be just as essential as we rebuild our community as things slowly but surely return to normal. Elections for next year’s Student Council took place on April 26th and Christopher Wearing ‘22 was elected as Student Council President and will continue to build on on the great work of his predecessor Nick Rutigliano to make next year the best it can be. 

Chris started at St. Luke’s in 5th grade. He always wanted to run for Student Council, and, with the encouragement of his friends and family, he decided he would run for president going into his senior year at St. Luke’s. After delivering an inspiring speech and jumping in a pond at his house to demonstrate his dedication, Chris won over the Upper School and the election. 

If Covid restrictions allow it, the first thing Chris would like to do once he takes office is to create more activities for the Upper School to bring back the physical sense of community lost with Covid restrictions. 

“I am looking forward to hopefully not having to think as much about Covid restrictions next year, which would give me a lot more potential to plan fun events for the school,” Chris said. 

Chris is already thinking about what he can do to take advantage of a less socially distanced future.

“If the masks are more flexible, I would like to arrange more things in the SPAC with the whole Upper School, like town meetings and things of that nature. I just feel with Covid this year, it was harder to arrange events,” Chris said.

Chris emphasized fun events and activities in his plan for next year, including a kickball game between faculty and students suggested by Harrison Lambeth ‘21, next year’s Director of Culture and Community. 

Chris already previewed the types of activities he has planned for next year when he hooked Mario Kart up to the TV in the cafe to play with Upper School students during a free period this past month. 

  Aside from all the new events he has in mind, Chris has other plans to give voice to the student body, starting with our lunch. 

“I would like to arrange a plan with Flik to aim for food that both Middle and Upper School students would want while ensuring that everyone gets the nutrition they need for sports. It is important to me that the student body is healthy and can perform well in their activities,” Chris explained. 

When asked what advice he would give to the incoming freshman class, Chris suggested, “Get your service hours done early. We have 80 hours we need to complete before graduation, and it is nice to not have to worry about meeting that requirement your senior year. Also, take ninth grade more seriously than middle school but still have fun. It isn’t as serious as the later years in high school, and you have time to figure everything out.” 

Chris’s determination to reconnect the Upper School student body is something to look forward to next year as things slowly return to normal, reinstating traditions while creating new ones.