Fall Sports Make a Remarkable Return on the Hilltop



Lucy Collins '24, Staff Writer

After a difficult 2020-2021 sports year, with strict Covid-19 protocols and limited games, St. Luke’s is back in action with fall sports and looking better than ever. Players on varsity and junior varsity teams returned to the Hilltop in mid-August to reunite with teammates and get back into the groove with preseason. It takes motivation and dedication to practice for three hours a day, for two weeks, but the time and effort put into these practices has evidently paid off. Varsity teams started the season off strong, and it looks like they are going to be fierce competitors at the FAA’s. 

Boys varsity football didn’t disappoint in the season opener at King, coming home with a 42-3 victory. Although on Viking turf, they gave 110% and showed the level of intensity we have been seeing in their practices. Matt O’Connor ‘22 made some incredible touchdown passes to Goldstein ‘22 and Brandon Bulerin ‘22, giving St. Luke’s a hefty lead. Zion Profit ‘22 also wowed the crowd, scoring a touchdown in a 63-yard punt return. More recently, they had a huge win against Albany Academy, beating them by a whopping 42-18. Quarterback Everett Anderson ‘22 had a show-stopping game, completing 11 of 18 passes, 4 of which were touchdowns. Not long after, the Storm had a huge victory against Proctor Academy in New Hampshire. The end score was 45-12, with two touchdowns from Matt O’Connor ‘22. The drive was certainly worth it, with the team showing a display of not only talent but also teamwork and motivation. This team continues to wow, and there are certainly great things in store for the rest of the season!

The cross country team had a strong start to their first FAA meet of the season at Sherwood Island Park. Despite the large pool of runners, Brian Gall ‘23 finished fifth overall and Danny Gall 23’ finished seventh. St. Luke’s also took home fourth in the boys’ team event, just missing the podium but showing potential for an incredible season to come. Jessie Hausman 22’ also finished in 15th place overall in the girl’s race.  Clearly, there are great things ahead for this team!

The St. Luke’s girl’s varsity volleyball team put on a show against GA, taking the win in the 5-set contest. If you can believe it, this was also the Storm’s first win against Greenwich Academy since 2017.  The SLS volleyball team put up a great match and won the first, second, and fifth set. Overall, there was a whopping 33 kills, 12 aces, and 47 digs. Senior Angie Hendricks had a showstopping game, with 10 kills and 3 aces, and players put forth their 110%. With an incredible start to the season, it looks like the girl’s varsity volleyball team has a strong chance at the FAA title.

It comes as no surprise that the girl’s varsity soccer team is crushing it yet again this season, posing a formidable threat for the FAA competition. They are currently undefeated with a 10-0-1 record. Most recently, they stunned the crowd with a 2-0 win against Berkshire School. The first half remained 0-0 despite many skillful plays; however, Caroline Lau ‘22 scored off a brilliant cross made by freshman Lena Olbrys and landed them the win. This close-knit team certainly has the potential to win the FAA title and continue their legacy!

Also starting the season off strong is the boy’s varsity soccer team. They recently represented St. Luke’s against Canterbury, taking home a 3-0 victory. Despite a tough loss against Hopkins and Kingswood, they showed true grit and perseverance, characteristics of all St. Luke’s athletes. Nikolai Bonwetsch ‘24 and Michael Riley ‘22 both had incredible performances against Canterbury, leading the boy’s varsity team to a well-deserved victory. Although there were a few bumps in the road, in the beginning, the team has remained composed and trained with such an intensity that will surely bring home more victories!

The St. Luke’s varsity field hockey team has had a superb season so far, taking the win against GFA for the first time since 2008. Senior Andrea DiTeodoro has had an outstanding season with the team and scored the game-winning goal against the Dragons. Annabel Silbesher 25’ and Grace O’Connor 25’ both contributed to two goals and the team has shown the level of intensity that St. Luke’s athletes perform at. With an incredible 6-0-1 record, this team is bound to bring home more wins and stun the crowd!

The St. Luke’s Storm has had an incredible fall sports season so far, and it looks like our teams will pose fierce competition at the FAA’s. Whether it’s practices or games, every SLS athlete gives their 100%, and with that comes great reward. There will always be hard-fought losses and well-deserved victories, but throughout the fall season, the Storm continues to show teamwork, sportsmanship, and persistence. With these qualities, there is no stopping the furious Storm!