What Blues Band Means to SLS


Abby Thomas '23, Sports Editor

The annual Blues Band concerts are a highlight of the year for performers and audience members alike. After diving into the performer’s experience two years ago, it is time to see what Blues Band means to the rest of the St. Luke’s community. 

There is excitement in the air in the days and even weeks leading up to the Blues Band Concert. The show falls annually on the Friday before Thanksgiving, so students and teachers have something fun to look forward to before break, even as work piles up. Ethan Crawford ‘23 said, “Over time [Blues Band has] just gotten more hype. Everybody looks forward to it now. I feel like when I was a freshman it kind of came out of nowhere… But now… a month in advance, I couldn’t wait for it.”

The excitement of Blues Band carries into the concert itself. Sam Bauer ‘23 said that during Blues Band, “I can’t help but dance and sing along; the energy is contagious. I always expect to be blown away by the performers and I am never let down.” She added that she loves how “the St. Luke’s community responds to the show. All of the teachers and students are always excited and encouraging.”

Not only does the audience have loads of fun during the concert, but so do all of the performers. College Counselor Mr. Vehslage said, “It’s a joy to see kids take the stage, shed their inhibitions, and shine.” Theater director Mrs. Fuller added, “From the very first note, I was mesmerized by the level of talent and passion from the players and singers alike.” 

Every year the concert has something special planned. This year, Upper School Dean of Students Mr. Thomas performed “Started From the Bottom” by Drake and even freestyled on stage. Likewise, Middle School science teacher Mrs. Lang, and Middle School librarian Mrs. Myles performed “Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix)” by Miley Cyrus and Stevie Nicks, with Lang on vocals and Myles on the drums. Crawford added, “I feel like when the teachers [perform] it’s just really fun… because I know them… [and get to see] them in a different type of environment. [It] is kind of unique, and I like that.”

One of the most significant aspects of Blues Band is that it gives the musicians at our school an exceptional opportunity to step into the spotlight. Crawford said that the SLS community usually gets excited about sports competitions more than most other events. However, he notes that because of Blues Band, “it’s great that we can also have an equal amount, or even more hype, for a concert. I feel like that’s pretty unique to St. Luke’s, compared to a lot of other schools.” 

Blues Band is unlike anything at other schools. As Bauer said, it “really shows that St. Luke’s encourages students to take risks and work together to create something amazing… [and it helps] the SLS community connect through music, which is something unique and special!”

Vehslage said that Blues Band is “one of the best days of the year. [It’s] an event that brings the community together and gives kids, and some brave teachers, an opportunity to show their stuff on stage. It’s a chance for all of us to cheer, dance, and let loose a little.”

Fuller concluded, saying, “there is an essence of lightness and happiness in the room throughout and following the concert. I could clearly see the audience and performers being transported by the music to a place of joy.”

 The St. Luke’s Blues Band is a celebration of music in our community that brilliantly sends the SLS community off into a week-long break. Mr. Valera, Ms. Lauer, and all of the performers pour their heart and soul into these shows, keeping a cherished St. Luke’s tradition alive.