This New Club Rocks: A Highlight on the Rock Climbing Club


Hannah Gunn '23, Science Editor

Chris Corcoran ‘25 started the Rock Climbing Club at St. Luke’s this year. Advised by Mr. Clark and Mr. West, the club meets for 50 minutes every Monday during club time in the Athletic Center.

Corcoran founded the club after he started climbing last September when he and his dad were invited by his godfather to a gym in Stamford called BETA Climbing and Fitness. He quickly found he enjoyed the sport and has been climbing ever since. 

When asked why he started the club, Corcoran said, “I noticed there isn’t a large climbing community, and most people don’t know much about it, even though it’s a fun sport. I thought it deserved more recognition and wanted to find a way to climb more.”  

After St. Luke’s installed a climbing wall, Corcoran saw the perfect opportunity to start his club and share the sport. 

Corcoran is in the process of planning to take the club to BETA Climbing and Fitness or a closer gym to have access to a larger climbing wall. He hopes to take the club to a real rockface nearby to climb in the spring. 

When describing his club, Corcoran said, “The size and the people are really great. It’s not so big, meaning that you can always be climbing. The people that have joined are really nice.” 

If you are interested in joining the club, you can reach out to Chris Corcoran to learn more.