The Sentinel and The Pendulum Take Home the Gold


Moli Ma

Pendulum 2021 Volume XXXI

Ale Lewis '23, Editor-in-Chief

The Columbia Scholastic Press Association gave The Sentinel a Gold Crown Award for the 2021-2022 publication and also granted The Pendulum with a Gold Crown award for their 2021 publication.

Since 1925, the Medalist Critique has evaluated school publications in terms of sound journalistic principles.  The Critique process is a detailed “dissection” of the media publication on a variety of factors: design, photography, concept, coverage and writing.  A single judge uses the standard Critique scorebooks and common instructions to praise strengths and note weaknesses.  The constructive suggestions help students improve their work.  

All news publications entered in the Critique hope to earn one of the following titles: Gold Medalist, Silver Medalist, and Bronze Medalist.  The Association awards the Gold Medal to the top publications entered in the annual contest.  

Congratulations to all students involved in both The Sentinel and The Pendulum for all the hard work!  The unique perspectives and voices of the St. Luke’s community are essential to these publications and continue to serve as an inspiration for upcoming students. 

A special recognition to Sentinel editors Elyse Kim ’21 and Ale Lewis ’23, and Pendulum editors Moli Ma ’21 and Jack Laibe ’21.  Thank you also to Sentinel faculty advisor Ms. Sproule and Pendulum faculty advisors Mr. Flachsbart and Ms. Yankura.