Senior Tea is Our Cup of Tea

Ale Lewis '23, Editor-In-Chief

On Thursdays, St. Luke’s seniors are blessed with herbal tea and dessert, courtesy of Ms. Gabriele and FLIK. With elegant teapots and trays, the occasion is just as sophisticated as it seems. Though, we still have our fun. Athletes, musicians, and stressed students all come together to savor the special moment. Without a doubt, Senior Tea is a defining tradition of the school year. 

Associate Head of School Ms. Gabriele started Senior Tea in 2018 because she believed it would endow Seniors with “something special to look forward to every week” and “tie them together as a class.”

Grant Douglas ‘23 said Senior Tea “makes me feel exclusive, cause only seniors can do it.” 

Right when the hour hand hits 3pm, the quiet study room in the library turns into a lively senior space. It is a great atmosphere, as students chat about their day and relax. 

While some students use the time to unwind, others step outside their comfort zones by trying something new. Peter Coiffi ‘23 said, “This is the first time I have ever sipped tea.”

The event is also a great opportunity to bond with teachers. Cessa Lewis ‘23 said, “I love saying hi to Ms. Gabriele and diving into stimulating conversations with Mr. Jodka and Ms. Jochem.” 

Even if a student cannot stay for long, Ms. Gabriele has to-go cups at the ready. Cessa ruminates on her experience grabbing a snack before an early field hockey practice: “With a warm, steaming paper cup of tea, I pick up my field hockey stick and race down to the field. A perfect end to my day.” 

As the week comes to a close, Senior Tea allows students to sit back and celebrate the little milestones. Ms. Gabriele said it is “a wonderful reminder to pause, slow down, enjoy time together and savor the important things in life like friendship.” 

Ms. Gabriele’s clever emails about tea are the cherry on top. 

When asked what inspires the emails, Ms. Gabriele responded, “I think humor is the most effective way to connect and make people feel comfortable with you, even if they don’t know you well.” 

I hope this article inspires everyone in the class of 2023 to venture to Senior Tea at least once this year. I promise it is worth it!