CGL 2.0

Emma Sherter '25, Staff Writer

“Ugh, another CGL… why can’t we just have normal advisory?” While many students prefer the typical 20 minute advisory time as opposed to CGL (Community Goals for Learning) discussions, the student-led CGL Board has come up with a different and exciting topic for the next discussion on February 2, 2023: gun violence.

In the Fall, the board brainstormed a variety of topics for CGLs and then sent a Google form with a list of potential topics to the Upper School. Using student feedback, the board placed the most popular topics into four categories: most controversial, least controversial, most expected, and most emotional. Since gun violence was the best pick in each section, the board decided to tackle this issue. CGL Board Member Brody Ebright ‘25 stated, “We were really fond of the topic so we decided to go through with it.”

On Thursday, the CGL Board will present a slide presentation containing a video on gun violence for the entire school. From the video, students will learn about the Second Amendment and quick facts about gun violence in the United States. Afterwards, students will engage in a CGL discussion with their paired advisories and share their thoughts, questions, and concerns regarding gun violence in the United States.

“We’ve come up with a bunch of different discussion questions and fun activities to do,” said member of the CGL board Atara Loewenberg ‘24.

The CGL board is excited about this topic. Loewenberg said, “This one is really exciting because it’s going to be one of our first CGLs with a very different topic to talk about, so we’re not taking it lightly. We’ve put a lot of thought into how we’re going to go about it.”

Ale Lewis, a Senior member of the CGL Board added, “I think this topic is the most sought after.”

The goal for this CGL is for students to leave the discussion more educated on gun violence and its effect on the United States. Ebright said, “It’s been an issue for a while now, and especially as a high schooler seeing all this happen, it’s like: oh my god, this could happen to me!” Ebright points out that gun violence has instilled fear in many students across the country, and he believes that this CGL discussion will hopefully alleviate some of their fear.

Not only is the board focused on planning CGLs that are educational and thought-provoking, but they also want students to enjoy and appreciate the experience. Lewis stated, “We’re trying to change that to make students more interested.”

So get prepared to bring your best self to tomorrow’s discussion… It’s going to be great!