Students Were Given No Heads Up for Heads Holiday

Nate Lewis '25, Staff Writer

On a regular Tuesday, February 14th, every student went to meet in the AC for a “special announcement.” All the students were unaware of what was to come.

When everyone went into the AC and got to their seats, all the lights turned off and the song “Thunder” by ACDC started to play. The teachers revealed festival glow sticks (or, as the staff called them,  LightSabers) that show a blast of colorful lights, and they swayed them from left to right. I was excited to see what the teachers were going to tell us.

After five minutes, there was a burst of cheering from the crowd as Dr. Carter and her amazing dog Hefty rode out in a decorated golf cart. Then, the lights came on, the music stopped, and Dr. Carter unveiled the special announcement.

Dr. Carter announced that we had no school and instead students would hangout with each other playing games. Dr. Carter called the day Head’s Holiday and established that this would be an annual tradition.

The teachers provided the students with a t-shirt and a piece of paper that listed a bunch of activities. The games ranged from rock climbing and ping pong to VR headsets and bubble soccer.

Throughout the day students had big smiles on their faces running from activity to activity.

The goal of Heads Holiday is to bring the St. Luke’s community together. It worked, as students left the school on Tuesday feeling happier, less stressed, and excited for what the rest of the week had to hold. I am excited for what Dr. Carter plans for next year!