Girls Hockey Team At SLS?

Eva Specter '24, Staff Writer

While winter activities had a strong season, there was discussion about adding a girl’s hockey team to the SLS community. The team will hopefully come together in time for the next winter season.

Initially, Mr. Ward, the Athletic Director, emailed the upper school to gauge interest in having a girls’ hockey team. The email was met with positive reactions, as students and parents were eager to be involved. 

In December, an open-skating session was held during a Boy’s Varsity practice, where potential participants were able to get a sense of what the program entailed. Around 15 girls took part and expressed enthusiasm about the program.

Laura Haley ’23 attended the practice, and described the experience as “intimidating but fun.” Although she will be graduating soon, and cannot participate on the team next year, she detailed her excitement for the program, saying, “I would definitely recommend playing.” She hopes that underclassmen and future students will take the opportunity to play on the team.

Coach Allen, the Boy’s Varsity coach, oversaw the practice and said, “I was impressed by the enthusiasm, skill, and bravery of the girls who participated.”After the practice, those still interested in playing hockey were invited to join the Boy’s Junior Varsity team.

When asked about where the idea for a girl’s hockey team originated, Mr. Ward explained that the St. Luke’s athletic department values being equitable and explained it as “the basic principle of giving girls the opportunity to play.” Ward further explained, “A big piece is equity, in terms of offering the same sports and being able to offer the same sport.” Moreover, having a girls’ hockey team aligns with St. Luke’s core value of Equity.

The overwhelming response to having a girl’s hockey team has been a driving factor in helping implement the program. By the next winter season, the athletic department hopes to be able to offer a girls’ hockey team, with a full practice and game schedule.