A Bittersweet Farewell to our Editor-in-Chief


Emma Sherter '25, Staff Writer

While reading terrific articles on St. Luke’s digital Sentinel, many thoughts may fly through your mind. Who is in charge of publishing all of these articles? Who coaches students through the process of journalism? Who is the leader of the Sentinel? The answer to all of your questions is: Ale Lewis ‘23, the Editor-in-Chief of the St. Luke’s student newspaper. 

Lewis has participated in the Sentinel all four years of high school and was named Editor-in-Chief of the student newspaper at the start of her junior year. In her role as the “captain” of the Sentinel, Lewis helps students brainstorm article ideas, gives feedback throughout the drafting process, edits each article, and publishes them on the digital Sentinel website. She also writes her own articles, some of the most recent being “Get to Know Our Argentinian Visitors!” and “Turning Point for Women’s Basketball: Caitlin Clark Scores Unprecedented Media Coverage.” In addition, Lewis creates a print edition of the Sentinel every season to highlight the most popular student articles from the year. 

Mrs. Sproule, a faculty advisor for the Sentinel, also commends what a wonderful job Lewis has done. Sproule said, “As Editor-in-Chief, Ale has written powerful editorials, led the staff with wisdom and kindness, and grown our readership significantly. From creating beautiful paper editions to promoting the Sentinel at Town meetings and via email, Ale’s contributions have changed how we will operate going forward.” 

Mrs. King, who started serving as a faculty advisor for the Sentinel this winter said, “I’ve enjoyed learning about student journalism alongside Ale this year. She does such valuable, consistent work behind the scenes to coach writers, edit articles, and publish our newspaper online and in print.”

Sentinel staff writers commented on how efficiently Lewis has been leading the Sentinel. “She is a fantastic leader and always edits my articles so fast,” said Kate Hammer ‘25. 

Many students commented on how hard Lewis has worked each day at the Sentinel. Cessa Lewis ‘23, one of Lewis’ two siblings, said,“Ale gives everything 110%. She is fiercely independent and an unparalleled hard worker.” One of Lewis’ greatest works was the winter print edition of the Sentinel. Cessa Lewis said, “Every morning I would find Ale tweaking something. She perfected it down to the very last margin and punctuation mark. That was something Ale really wanted to make happen and she did and it turned out awesome.”

In addition, students believe that they have grown as journalists from Lewis’ advice. “Not only is her own writing profound and beautiful, but she really takes the time to help me and the rest of the staff with our own writing. I’ve improved as a writer because of her, and for that I’m so so grateful!” said Abby Thomas ‘23. Brody Ebright ‘25 mentioned, “Ale has given me amazing feedback on articles, and she has helped me greatly improve my writing.” 

Lewis has been an incredible asset to the Sentinel through her efficiency, hard work, and passion for helping students learn the art of journalism. Ultimately, her largest contribution to the student group has been the positive attitude and energy that she brings each afternoon. “Ale has been a positive force every day,” said Joe Derr ‘24.

 Many students commented on how welcoming Lewis was when they first joined Sentinel. One student said, “She…creates such a positive environment in the Sentinel by being approachable, genuine, curious, and kind.” 

Additionally, Mrs. Sproule referenced how much the Sentinel has grown since Ale’s time as Editor in Chief. “Ale makes Sentinel meetings fun and supportive. It’s no wonder our staff has grown so much during her tenure!” said Mrs. Sproule. 

With the end of the 2022-2023 school year approaching fast, there are fewer days that the Sentinel has left with Lewis. After writing for the Sentinel alongside Lewis for the past four years, Thomas wrote, “I have loved working with her these past four years, and I’m going to miss writing with her next year!” 

In addition to Thomas, all members of the Sentinel will miss Lewis. Derr said, “She is going to be sorely missed next year, and the Sentinel is losing someone special.” Lewis will be missed, yet the Sentinel staff will always remember her for her leadership, hard work, teaching, and kindness. 

Thank you, Ale, for the beautiful work you have done for the St. Luke’s community!