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6th Grade Predictions for St. Luke’s Favorite Annual “Holiday”

Valerie Parker
Head’s Holiday 2023

Imagine this: You are sitting on the bleachers in the gym next to your friends, and all of a sudden the lights turn out. Before you know it, Lady Gaga’s “Rain on Me” starts playing, and all of the St. Luke’s faculty run out with disco sticks in their hands. At last, Head of School Dr. Mary Carter emerges from a storm-themed decorated golf cart and announces that today is “Head’s Holiday!”

Throughout the day, you have so much to enjoy. There are bubble sports, bouncy castles, rock climbing, dog petting, face painting, mural making, ping pong, and dancing. To top it all off, you get to eat pizza, quesadillas, edible cookie dough, cotton candy, popcorn, and candy. Before you know it, Head’s Holiday has easily become your favorite day of the year!

This exact scenario happened on February 14th, 2023, and a new St. Luke’s tradition was born! Each school year, the Head of School will treat her students to a day of pure joy, smiles, and laughter. After a fabulous first Head’s Holiday, St. Luke’s students are eager for more to come, and they have many predictions about the beloved day!

When St. Luke’s 6th Grade students were asked when they think the second annual Head’s Holiday will be, 42.1% predicted it will happen in the middle of April. Many 6th grade students brought up the date April 11th, since St. Luke’s has a planned late-start on that day, and, in 2023, Head’s Holiday happened on a late-start day. 

Another 26.3% of 6th grade students predicted that the holiday will occur in late April, specifically April 28th. 21.2% of the 6th grade predicted that it will happen in early May, such as May 8th, and very few students predicted it will happen in late May or early June.

When asked about what activities will be at the 2023/2024 Head’s Holiday, many St. Luke’s 6th Grade students predicted that there would be a lot of similar activities from last year. Some common activities that the students mentioned were board games, rock climbing, dancing, karaoke, dog petting, basketball, a bouncy house, virtual reality glasses, video games, and face painting. Emily Lanier ‘30 said, “I’m looking forward to hopefully having the free rock climbing in the AC. I hope they bring it back!” 

Many students mentioned that they were exceptionally excited for dog petting, good food, and karaoke. Unlike the first Head’s Holiday, one student mentioned that they think there will be arcade games at this year’s holiday.

Many 6th graders predicted that this year’s Head’s Holiday will have some of the same foods as last year including cotton candy, popcorn, and cookie dough. Many students think that there will for sure be pizza this year! The 6th graders also mentioned a lot of new foods that they think will be at this year’s Head’s Holiday, including chicken nuggets, soda, fried dough, burgers, hot dogs, and cupcakes. 

Above all predictions, St. Luke’s 6th grade students expressed their excitement for this year’s Head’s Holiday. Tyson James ‘30 enjoyed “Hanging out with [his] friends and having fun” at last year’s event, and he is looking forward to that again.

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