Stellar Season for St. Luke’s Storm Football


Members of the 2019 SLS Varsity Football Team: Austin Andersen, Shamond Moore, Jack Truwit, Joey Alfson, Dylan Johnson, Frank Intrieri, Jordan Robinson, Dean Pallas, Michael Thompson, Andrew Lau, Everett Andersen

While the SLS football team has had continuous wins since the start of the season, our victory against King was the game that united the team and the school, with a high level of student attendance and involvement.

Before the game, all the teammates had a very similar mindset. The  quarterback, kicker, and wide receiver, Andrew Lau stated, “I was excited to get out there and crush King.”

With this motivation and mindset, the team found confidence was the key to winning the game. Austin Anderson, a junior at St. Luke’s, who is also a team captain, expressed that he was “ excited for the new season “ while further stating, “Our team has grown a lot since preseason and we have come together as a unit and continue to work hard every day.”

As St. Luke’s stepped onto the field, they clearly dominated the game with the end result of 41-6. Pushing through and maintaining confidence, the team worked together to overcome their opponents.

The following week, St. Luke’s played Berkshire which posed a greater challenge. In the beginning of the game, the team struggled to get their footing. Team Captain Tank Interini noted that “the team morale was pretty low in the first half… Berkshire seemed to be outrunning us.”

However, come half-time, while the score was 14-0, St. Luke’s had a breakthrough and ultimately got the winning score of 21-20. When asked about what changed during half time, Tank stated, “Berkshire is a better team than King so our leaders needed to step it up and gather the whole team to have a good pep talk together to motivate all of us.”

Ultimately, the SLS football team fought hard during the second half and claimed the win against Berkshire, maintaining their four-game winning streak. Despite their tough loss last Saturday, hopefully the team will continue to work hard and win the rest of the games in the coming season. The entire school community will be cheering you on this Saturday at Homecoming. Go Luke’s!