Outstanding Senior Leaders: Thank You, Georgia!


Elyse Kim '21, Staff Writer

Throughout the 2018-2019 school year, the Sentinel staff has worked hard to write meaningful and interesting articles. While many readers may see only the completed articles, they may not be aware of the driving force behind the Sentinel: the paper’s editor-in-chief, Georgia Rosenberg ‘19.

Since being chosen editor in spring 2018, Georgia has worked tirelessly to build the Sentinel. Over the summer, she took the initiative to completely reconstruct the website; she learned how to organize the articles into subcategories and lists and even compiled every article from our newspaper archives.

But beyond her dedication to building the website itself, Georgia has used her talents as an editor to improve the Sentinel staff’s articles. Georgia reads every article and provides feedback to its author, and she does it with clarity and kindness.

To thank Georgia for the work she has done for the Sentinel, our staff has written a few parting words for her.

“Georgia has totally leveled-up the Sentinel this year. Throughout the years we’ve been on it together, she has consistently written great articles about important topics. I wouldn’t be surprised if she chose a career path in journalism. She’s one of the most intelligent and responsible people I know, and that really comes through with everything she’s written. She’s just an overall amazing person and has definitely left a positive impact on the SLS community!!” – Michael Pizzani

“Georgia has been a huge help to me this year on the Sentinel between helping me to edit my articles and giving us all great advice. She will be missed next year!” – Ally Riley

“Georgia has helped me grow as a writer by always offering constructive feedback on my articles and was always very helpful when I had writers block or was searching for a new topic to write about. She was also a great writer to emulate due to her advanced writing style and professional writing tone.” – Grace McKessy

“Throughout the school year, Georgia has provided clear and constructive feedback for all of my articles. She also leads Sentinel by example, because her writing is always honest and confident. But aside from Sentinel, Georgia is really kind and smart, and her work ethic is inspiring!” – Elyse Kim

“Georgia was a shining light in my advanced English classes over the past few years.   She honestly cares about social issues and literary ideas. Furthermore, she’s kept the Sentinel alive for the past two years…I particularly liked her editorials on guns and on sticking with one’s moral convictions. She also has an outstanding moral compass.  Best of all, she’s really personable and easy to talk to. I’m going to miss her!” – Mr. Flachsbart

“Passionate but precise.” – Ms. Doran

“What a gift it has been to work with Georgia during my first year as faculty advisor to the Sentinel. Her articulate editorials, compelling and bold, set a high standard for high school journalism. Further, she has been a strong leader, both as an editor and mentor. Her presence will be sorely missed next year!” – Ms. Sproule

Thank you Georgia for everything you have done for the Sentinel over the years! We will miss you!