Girls Varsity Squash: Rise to Nationals


Olivia Schwartz ’19

Danielle Nares '21, Staff Writer

With less than one month remaining in the winter sports season, the Girls Varsity Squash Team is still on their game as they prepare for tomorrow’s upcoming National Tournament and next weekend’s FAAs. The team has had a solid season so far, and its team dynamic and strong set of players surely contribute to their success.

After coaching two successful seasons, Head Coach Lucia Matias has returned for her third consecutive year. She enforces a strong fitness routine with the help of Mr. Havens and motivates the girls to have a great connection to the sport.

“I think that this year’s girls are handling the season really well. I am really passionate about the sport, and I hope they understand why I’m pushing them, ” she says.

While Caroline Nevin ‘18 was last year’s only senior player, there are five seniors on the team this year: Kendall Boege, Pamela Jaramillo, Katherine Pellegrino, Olivia Schwartz, and Mary Grace Thomas. Since most of the seniors have at least four years of squash experience, the younger players tend to look up to them.

“The younger girls are learning from the seniors… I love it when I see them challenge the upperclassmen to a match using the skills they practiced,” says Coach Lucia.

Senior captains Kendall and Katherine have enthusiastic and supportive personalities that promote a strong bond between the girls on the team.

“Kendall is really athletic and pushes the girls on the fitness side,” Coach Lucia says. “Katherine, on the other hand, is bubbly and social. She brings all of the girls together. Both girls balance the team out!”

In addition to the returning players, the team’s new faces have helped propel the team towards victory.

7th grader Claire Pellegrino may be the team’s youngest player, but is one of the team’s strongest players. She is nationally ranked in the top 10 of her age division. On the school’s team, she is second on the ladder.

“I feel excitement and joy going into the National Tournament. I have a good feeling for this weekend. I hope the team feels that same way too,” Claire says.

Caroline Pellegrino ‘21 plays in the team’s top spot. In addition to being Claire and Katherine’s sister, she has been on the team since she was in 8th grade and has held the number one position for a while.

The team’s 4-2 record reflects their strong performance this season.

“We have improved a lot since last year. We have won a lot of games too,” says Ryan Weil ‘21, who is playing in her second year.

This weekend, the team will compete at the National Squash Tournament in the Girls III Division at Trinity College in Hartford along with the Boys Varsity Squash Team.