Basketball Game vs. Brunswick Brings SLS Community Together

Elyse Kim '21

On Friday afternoon, the Hilltop was buzzing with excitement as the Boys Varsity Basketball team was prepared to face an FAA rival: the Brunswick Bruins.

As the designated “Middle School Spirit Game,” Friday’s contest offered pregame pizza and activities in the Fireplace Commons for fifth through eighth grade students. Middle schoolers enjoyed Kahoot competitions, karaoke, and even made posters in support of the team.

By 4:00 pm, the stands in Carey Gymnasium were filled with middle schoolers and, of course, the Monsoon was in full force.

While the competition ended in an SLS triumph, it was the atmosphere of community and fun that truly made the game special. Mr. Kress stood on the top level of the Athletic Center, live-streaming the game on Facebook for everyone who could not make it in person.

During halftime, Middle Schoolers participated in a free-throw contest and were cheered on by upperclassmen in the stands.

“I think one of the important things in events is not only having fun but also boosting spirit, morale, and community. It gives the Middle School a sense of involvement and importance in their community. That’s something that the Student Council is working towards and I think this game is a great example of that,” Middle School Student Council President Macy Millones commented.

The Monsoon was rowdy as junior Gavin Greene slammed the basketball through the hoop with one hand. They cheered when senior captain Scott Vollmer, towering over his opponent, blocked a Brunswick shot and added a dominating glare for effect.

Throughout the whole game, senior and official leader of the Monsoon Oz Jensen led the student section in cheers, and helped propel SLS to a 68-46 victory. The team certainly appreciated the abundance of peer support.

“The guys get a lot of energy off of the crowd, and when they see people they know I think it means a lot to them and they want to play even harder for the community and represent the program and the school in the right way,” Head Coach Tony Newsom remarked.