SLS Volleyball Program Welcomes Esteemed Coach

Elyse Kim '21, Eye of the Storm Correspondent

This season, the St. Luke’s Volleyball program has added an incomparable new coach to its staff.

The week before preseason, the volleyball team arrived on the Hilltop to participate in a team camp run by Gold Medal Squared, a company which runs training camps for high schools all across the country. At the end of the camp, the squad was informed that one of GMS’ coaches, Garrett Minyard, would be joining the St. Luke’s community as the team’s assistant coach.

Minyard is an esteemed coach with unmatched volleyball experience. He played collegiately before playing and coaching professionally in Europe.

Head volleyball coach Abby Abbott describes Coach Minyard as a positive and supportive coach whose expertise in the sport makes him an invaluable addition to the program.

“Out of anyone that’s ever stepped foot on the St. Luke’s court, Garrett has the most technical knowledge and the best command of the sport that I’ve ever seen,” Abbott says.

Coach Minyard’s coaching philosophy is not only about improving every player’s skills, but also about helping each squad member develop good character.

“What you learn on the volleyball court can actually translate to the rest of your life. . . . We’re hopefully not just producing good volleyball players but great people in the long term,” he says.

To learn more about the newest member of the SLS Volleyball family, check out the Eye of the Storm club’s latest video.