Admissions Team Accepts a New Member – and Gets a Brand New Look

Aida Nahas, Staff Writer

As a part of the school’s summer construction, the St. Luke’s admissions office got a brand new look – and a new member.

This centrally located space is where the admissions team welcomes prospective families, allowing them to gain a better feel for this special community. With the addition of the new space, the school welcomed Admissions Associate, Mrs. DeRienzo.

Although Mrs. DeRienzo has only been part of the St. Luke’s community for a couple of months, she speaks very highly of her experience thus far.

“Everyone has been very welcoming, and people are always asking how I am doing,” she says. She describes the SLS environment as “very refreshing” and “extremely caring and kind.” She also enjoys watching the faculty truly get to know their students and appreciates the tight-knit nature of the community.

However, what Mrs. DeRienzo really loves about St. Luke’s is how the community is not only made up of students and teachers, but also involves parents and alumni.

“The community is overwhelmingly passionate and motivated. St. Luke’s is a place where reflection happens, and everyone here is intelligent and wants to learn.”

Before Mrs. DeRienzo joined the SLS community, she worked at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She then started working in admissions at SUNY Purchase.

“Admissions is what I am all about,” she says.

She now lives in New Canaan with her husband. When she is not working at St. Luke’s, she enjoys reading, painting, and knitting. She also loves to bake and spend quality time with family and friends.

Mrs. DeRienzo describes the brand new admissions office – located right off the main lobby – as “extremely convenient and easy for communication [due to] the large glass window” and “very welcoming for visitors.”

The office includes a lovely reception area with beautiful, stylish furniture. The walls feature student artwork which add color, liveliness, and warmth to the room. Furthermore, there is more office space than there was last year, which allows for larger individual work spaces for each member of the admissions team.

The space also has a kitchen, which is a great home-base for refreshments.

“Having the kitchen has been a positive aspect of the office because it allows guests to have an optimal experience,” Mrs. DeRienzo says.

Overall, our new and improved admissions office has been an amazing addition to the school, as has Mrs. DeRienzo, who brings nothing but positive, enthusiastic energy to the SLS community.

Students and faculty should stop by the new office to not only see the incredible space, but also to introduce themselves to Mrs. DeRienzo!