2018 Pep Rally Will Bring Homecoming Spirit to the Hilltop

Nolan O'Brien '19, Staff Writer

Homecoming is just around the corner, and this year’s student council is determined to make the pep rally a riveting and spirited event for both students and faculty.

Though SLS sporting events consistently draw large crowds, Homecoming is, without a doubt, the most anticipated athletic event of the year. With every fall sports team competing throughout the day, delicious food trucks at our disposal, and the entire St. Luke’s community – past and present – visiting campus, Homecoming is an exciting day for students, athletes and alumni alike. The pep rally, however, has frequently fallen short of the expectations that surround the infamous weekend.

At the event, each class representative stands in front of the entire student body (consisting of students from fifth through twelfth grade) and attempts to inspire excitement and enthusiasm for Homecoming. It is no secret that pep rallies in years past have been viewed by the student body as somewhat dull. As a result, they have further diminished excitement for one of the most exciting weekends of the school year.

This year’s pep rally, however, is bound to be different.

Oz Jensen, senior class representative and passionate leader of the Monsoon, has made it his mission to rewrite history for the SLS pep rally. He has sat through three years of mediocre pep rallies and is committed to making a change. As Jensen put it, “most [pep rallies] had potential but have mostly fallen flat. This year we [the student council] are going to work very hard to change that.”

Jensen promised that there will be many more fun and enhancing additions to the lineup that have not been seen in past years. Despite significant change, Jensen plans to keep the popular activities that always muster Storm spirit, such as scooter races and the historical half-court shots.

Although the student government is preparing lots of events involving tomorrow’s pep rally behind closed doors, they feel that students will definitely enjoy and appreciate their work once it is revealed.

Jensen pledges that the 2018 pep rally will be a huge improvement and hopes that it will become an event that students look forward to. Homecoming weekend should exceed expectations and the pep rally is what we need to lead this special weekend in the right direction.

Go Storm!