19 Faculty Members Display Artwork in New Exhibition

Olivia Schwartz '19, Arts Editor

Located by the English office, the new art exhibition space displays a collection of 39 pieces that were created by 19 teachers.

Representing the art department, Mr. Lynch and Ms. Yankura both have pieces scattered across the wall. However, there are a few unexpected artists who have pieces in this collection.

Evidently, a thirst for artistry runs deep within the veins of the SLS faculty. Mr. Martin, who is an Upper School history teacher, has an acrylic poster board displayed in the new space. His piece depicts a trumpet player that is highlighted in white and black, creating a stark contrast that is appealing to the eye. At almost five feet in length, it is hard to miss, and it makes the viewer feel as if they are about to see a jazz performance.

The exhibit also features three watercolor paintings by Head of the Center for Leadership, Mrs. Parker-Burgard. She cited that she had not painted with watercolor in years and that it was after she enrolled in an online watercolor course that she rediscovered her love for art. Clearly,  she used the internet to her advantage; YouTube provided her with tutorials and art techniques that she could incorporate into her style. Her realistic paintings of an owl, a leaf, and a winter forest landscape are showcased in this new space.

Lastly, Mr. Fendelman – a Latin teacher and member of the technology department – has eight panoramic images of locations including Iceland, Peru, and Namibia. The surreal landscapes are a refreshing site to see on the way to class – they truly look as if they were taken directly out of an issue of National Geographic. These images capture Mr. Fendelman’s love for travel and his passion for photography.

His work and the work of the 18 other faculty members in the art collection should inspire the St. Luke’s community and leave us excited to view the upcoming exhibition: a collection of alumni works, including pieces by last year’s artistic seniors!