The Endless Australian Blazes

Claiborne Beurle '23, Staff Writer

Stampeding heaps of fire 

And sprawled among the roads 

Animals trapped in wire fences 

Have nowhere else to go. 


The land’s completely captured 

By ashes in the breeze. 

There’s hardly even a line to split 

The orange ground from trees. 


The beaches are surrounded 

By flames that line the shore 

And the country doesn’t have a hint 

Of much hope anymore. 


The bloody glint of sunshine 

Peeping through endless smoke. 

The trees are lit up just like lanterns 

And put out from above.  


Some animals are rescued, 

Then draped with casts and tears. 

They’ve lost all their hope of living free 

Hold on to newfound fear. 


Months ago the land was green 

Blue skies, infinite seas. 

But now the world has turned upside down, 

No air left to receive. 


Land will burn until it’s gone. 

Skies will stay red, not blue.

Until it ends, the oceans will blaze 

The air clouded with fear. 


This needs to end to save the 

Koalas stuck in trees.

But until it ends we’ll have to fight 

And work till grass is green.


I wrote this poem to bring to light what is going on across the globe. Although we are far away, I hope this motivates change and incentive to support the environment and to do what is possible to bring change to global warming.