The Camaraderie of SLS Boys Hockey


Kiley Galvin '23 and Macy Millones '23

The teamsmanship exhibited by the St. Luke’s boys hockey team on the ice can be attributed to the camaraderie and morale of their pregame routine. 

There is a certain buzz in the air as St. Luke’s Hockey arrives on the hilltop for game day in their blazers. These blazers represent the unification and spirit that comes with being part of this team. Co-captain Lars Ernberg 20’perfectly sums up the importance of wearing them when he said, “When we show up to the rink [in these blazers], it shows that we are focused and ready to play.” Cleary Ernberg values the way they present themselves when getting ready to face their opponents. He says, “I love the fact that we show up to school looking classy, but it also makes us look like a team.”

Not only does the team prioritize their outward appearance but additionally amplify the importance of what goes on behind the locker room door. Co-captain Goose Ansaldi 20’ said, “Playing with older and more experienced players [is] the best way for the middle schoolers to learn how to play Varsity [H]ockey.” Despite the large age gap between the players, the locker room not only remains a safe haven for game preparation but also contributes to the energy the team brings with them onto the ice. Amidst the blasting music provided by Co-captain Ansaldi, the team is able to focus before stepping onto the ice. 

Ernberg added, “I have noticed that the warm-up is crucial for the team’s success during the game, so the focus is always the key thing that I prioritize. I feel like everyone steps up and does their part in order to keep everyone else on the team locked in and ready.”

Another key contributor to the team’s success and ability to bond is their long-lasting tradition of ‘the book of quotes’ started years ago. The cycle starts with one player selecting a quote and passing it along to a deserving hard-working member of the team. According to Ansaldi, “[This allows us] to bond with the team as it gives us words of wisdom from famous players.” This takes place after games and practices. This tradition increases the sense of community and encourages players to recognize their teammate’s success. Ernberg stated, “It is a great way to recognize the efforts of the people around you, and it is something that motivates everyone to work a little harder.” 

The camaraderie of the boy’s hockey team, paired with the outstanding leadership from Lars Ernberg and Goose Ansaldi, has enabled the team to thrive.

In closing, Ernberg said, “I love spending time with all of the guys on the team, and I feel that we have been able to build a strong team around our love for each other.” 

The St. Luke’s Boys hockey team encourages all to attend their next varsity home game at Sono Ice House, Wednesday, January 29th at 3:05 vs. Harvey School.