101 Memories From This School Year

Abby Thomas '23

As the 2019-2020 school year comes to a close, I spoke with 101 people about their favorite memories from the year. COVID-19 may prevent us from physically being together, but it can’t stop us from looking back on the good times, and making new memories. Let’s get to reminiscing!

  1. Mr. Davis: The Upper School play Admissions was the finest and most riveting high school theater I have ever seen. I was transported, and couldn’t believe the actors were St. Luke’s students and not professionals. And I will never forget Chris Walsh’s Meditation, which he gave just this week. It was brave, piercingly personal, authentic, wise, and a lesson in humanity.
  2. Mrs. Gabriele: My favorite memory is the first year of the official Cheese Club! It was so great spending time with such an eclectic group of students who were so curious, enthusiastic and interested in this hobby! I think the seniors really helped inspire the underclassmen, and I hope this club will continue for many years!
  3. Myles Sead ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year would be from the time I went to Model UN in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was so much fun getting to walk around the city with other classmates, meeting new people, and going to the different functions that they had at the conference.
  4. Tasia Courts ‘20: My favorite memory was going to Argentina for a 2-week exchange program. A lot of my friends went, so we had a great time exploring a new country together. I also met so many people that I still talk to this day!
  5. Shamond Moore ‘20: Hands down my favorite memory of the year was the Berkshire game, when all of the SLS parents were cheering us on. It felt like we had the home crowd at an away game. We ended up coming out with a win, and the best part was when we were all gathered as a family celebrating the win together.
  6. Mr. Downey: My favorite memory from the year was the Boys Varsity Basketball FAA Championship game win. It was special for a number of reasons. First, it was a great community event. The atmosphere was electric. The Monsoon was loud and boisterous. The tension of a great rivalry was palpable in the gym. Second, it was gratifying to see our captains earn a legacy win by shining in crunch time. Cole made a number of clutch jumpers, and Gavin and Chuck sealed the win at the free-throw line to deliver Coach Newsom’s first FAA Championship trophy. The free throws were special because in that moment, I thought of all of the times we had manufactured that situation at that very same hoop in practice throughout the year: lane lines empty. Team on the baseline. Make a bucket or everyone but you sprints. And our guys made them when we absolutely needed them to. I was so proud of them. It reminded me that major achievements are the product of so many tiny efforts whose significance we can only truly appreciate upon reflection. I’ll carry in my heart forever the memories of that evening and all of the little moments that made it possible. 
  7. Quinn Gregorich ‘20: I think my favorite memory from this school year would be field hockey senior day. After the game, the team threw a small party in the Multipurpose Room, where we ate dinner and the juniors gave little speeches and gifts to honor the seniors. I remember looking around the room and my eyes filled up with tears because I was so grateful to be a part of this team, and I was so full of love in that moment that I got up and hugged every single teammate on their way out the door. 🙂
  8. Sam Stevelman ‘23: I would have to say my favorite memories were in volleyball at SLS. Whether it was whiteboard talks with our great coach, Garrett, or long bus rides to games laughing with my teammates. I remember on our way to the Harvey game in the beginning of the year, I was still very nervous about playing, but my teammates and coach motivated me so much. Everyone on the volleyball team is so nice and reassuring, and we love working together to get a big win and learn lessons from the great game of volleyball.
  9. Will Thomas ‘21: My friends and I threw a Christmas party in Seminar 2. We wrapped the table, brought in cookies, and played Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” the entire time. For 45 minutes. We also put a virtual fireplace on the smart board and an inflatable Santa minion outside.
  10. Sarah Bryant ‘20: My favorite moment this year was the closing activity of SJLS. Every year, I make such strong bonds with people, and it’s always a moment that ends up being sweet and sentimental. It was especially nice this year because it was my last one ever.
  11. Jerry Rutigliano ‘20: It was fun filming the [Eye of the Storm] vlog for the school because we got some fun clips at Town Meeting of everyone having fun.
  12. Sam Bauer ‘23: One of my favorite memories at school this year was going to Homecoming. I had so much fun hanging out with my friends and going to the different games throughout the day. Later that night, we all went to the dance, and it made me feel like a real high schooler!
  13. Mr. Flachsbart: I’d have to go with the time last December when I came back to my room after lunch only to discover that the students in my “Voices of the 60s” elective were staging a sit-in to protest a reading quiz on Cat’s Cradle (it worked).
  14. James Kontulis ‘21: My favorite memory was being a part of the Storm Football family. I loved going to practice everyday and I developed incredible bonds and relationships with my coaches and teammates. One highlight in particular was when we beat Berkshire under the lights by one point. That game was a roller coaster of emotions, and I just remember how excited everyone was at the end of the game when we were able to hold on for the victory in a hostile environment. After the game, we had a big huddle with all of the players, coaches and parents, which was also really special. On the long bus ride back to SLS, we blasted music and everyone was excited and having fun, which was really memorable as well.
  15. Ethan Crawford ‘23: My favorite memory is when the basketball team won the championship. It was a long season, and I was so glad to end it the way we did. I was especially happy to win a championship for the seniors on our team. It was a great experience, and all the fans were amazing. I’ll never forget the moment when they stormed the court after we won. 😊
  16. Chuck Clemons ‘20: For me, my favorite memory would just be all the new connections I’ve made this year. Classmates, teachers, faculty, it doesn’t matter, everyone is genuine, and I’m glad I got the opportunity to make lasting relationships.
  17. Grace Wearing ‘23: My favorite memory from the school year was when the Boys Varsity basketball team won FAA’s.
  18. Mr. Griffa: One of my favorite memories from this year was our Fall Choir Concert.  It was the most amazing “journey” to take for myself as with all the singers and then eventually the audience.  I am so glad that we had the opportunity to have that time together, and it is now more than ever that I truly appreciate the impact of that performance.
  19. Cole Bryant ‘21: My greatest memory is when everybody stormed the court after we beat GFA in the FAA finals. It meant so much to get that praise from our classmates after we achieved what we worked so hard for.
  20. Kiley Galvin ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was scoring a goal in field hockey on Homecoming. This meant a lot to me because it was my first year playing for SLS and my first Homecoming, and to join the group of upperclassmen in celebrating each of our goals was something that was really special to me.
  21. Austin Andersen ‘21: My favorite memory was when the football team stormed the field after we stopped Berkshire on our goal line to win.
  22. Ally Riley ‘20: My favorite memory from this past school year has to be the first day of school. My friends and I decorated our cars the night before and got to campus super early to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise. It was also so fun to celebrate the beginning of our senior year with my entire class and greet all of our peers! It was a very fun and special morning.
  23. Ms. Lai: My favorite memory from this school year is *drum rolls* celebrating Lunar New Year with dumpling-making in the library with the SLS community. I loved this event because this is what the community is about: SLS parents teaching students how to make dumplings, Upper School and Middle School students getting together to make and taste dumplings, faculty and students exploring different cultures and celebrating as a family together. 
  24. Liv Woodruff ‘23: I think my favorite memory from this year was the “Pippin” performances and tech week leading up to it. It was a lot of fun to perfect and slowly see improvement over the course of the week. Even though we were all super stressed, we had a lot of fun.
  25. Ben Ansaldi ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was most definitely the day before winter break. A couple of friends and I got out of all classes early and did not have a lot of them, so we spent the day messing around. We went all over campus and did random stuff. It was a fond memory from this year.
  26. Nick Brown ‘20: I would say my favorite memory was walking into St Luke’s on Turtleneck Tuesday. It was a stupid yet funny thing we did that I will always remember.
  27. Elyse Kim ‘21: My favorite memory is definitely beating GFA in our Homecoming volleyball game. The stands were packed, it was our best performance of the season, and every point was a nail-biter. Personally, it was my first game back from an injury, so I was incredibly grateful to be able to participate in that match.
  28. Ms. Birinyi: It’s very difficult to come up with just one favorite memory, but when I think back through this year, the moments that stand out to me all have one thing in common: laughter. Whether it was around the Harkness table, in the English office, in the hallways, or on a Zoom screen, sharing joy by laughing together has been the highlight of my year. I look forward to much more of it in the 2020-2021 school year!
  29. Doron Loewenberg: ‘21 I think my favorite memory from school has to be opening night of the Upper School musical. I had made so many friends over the course of the show’s production, and it was so awesome to finally show everyone all of our hard work.
  30. Charlie Grunow ‘23: One of my favorite moments from earlier this year was going out on the Marine Science field trip. It was a lot of fun in general and a good way to get to know everyone.
  31. Dr. Warner: I had several students find their footing in physics this year–kids that struggled in chemistry but made adjustments and really excelled in physics.  That makes me very happy, and I’ll always have fond memories of their intellectual journeys.  Similarly, seeing my STEM students complete outstanding projects is extremely satisfying, especially for kids like Will Chuhta and Henry Jodka that I’ve known since they were in the 5th grade, or kids like Ellis Beurle, Connor Rosow and Jamie Ullman that I’ve had the fortune to see grow up intellectually over the past two years of working closely with them in physics and STEM.  Finally, taking my 2-year-old son to Homecoming was a blast–I was proud for him to see our school (even though I know he didn’t understand) and proud for our school to meet him. 
  32. Henry Jodka ‘20: Honestly, one of the most special moments for me was when the cast of “Pippin” and myself were singing “Morning Glow” at the end of the first act in our closing show. That song hits a very specific place in my heart and makes me very emotional, and I’ve always felt like that song is specifically special when sung with people who you love and care about.
  33. Laura Haley ‘23: I would definitely say being able to hang out with people in the morning before school started — it always lifted my mood to see all my friends. I also loved playing wall ball while we could — I think we got to play once or twice this year, but I always look forward to that in the spring. 
  34. Matthew Sherter ‘22: My favorite 36 hour stretch on the Hilltop ranged from February 27 to February 28. On the 27th, the boys won the FAA championship against GFA and we raided the court. The following day, not only did the girls do the exact same thing, but then “Pippin” debuted, and we got to commemorate the hard work the St. Luke’s theater department put into that show.
  35. Mr. Powell: My favorite memory from this school year was enjoying the winter jazz band concert and, as a new teacher to the SLS community, meeting and working with such a great group of students. 
  36. Natalie Owsley ‘23: My favorite memory from my first year at St Luke’s was playing on the soccer team.  I loved everyone on the team and looked forward to practices and games every day.  It was my favorite team I’ve played on, and the coaches were amazing.
  37. Vincent Diteodoro ‘21: The Model UN trip. It was a great time, and I learned lots of new things.
  38. Allie Vogel ‘20: My favorite memory from this school year was the first day of school. To be honest, I think graduation and the spring would have held my favorite memories if they had happened, but on the first day of school, everything was the way it should be. Everything was perfect; we were all at school just completely happy. I miss that moment and feeling.
  39. Gavin Greene: ‘20 I don’t really have one specific memory but I’ll never forget the feeling of brotherhood I had with my basketball team. Winning the championship was special of course, but the fact that I did it with some of my closest friends made it so much more important to me.
  40. Tank Intrieri ‘20: My favorite memory from this school year was the day I was voted captain by my teammates on varsity football. It meant so much to have their trust and know that they believed in me to lead them this season.
  41. Gordie Stuart ‘23: One of my favorite memories this year was during a JV football game at Brunswick. We were on defense, and I was playing as linebacker. The play began, and it was only seconds into the play when I saw the ball soaring high and towards me. I jumped up as high as I could, grabbed the ball with three fingers, and brought it down to my chest in two hands. The pick happened so fast I can barely remember it.
  42. Kayleigh Bowler: ‘20 Running with my friends up the hill from the senior lot after we went out to get some delicious bacon, egg and cheeses for lunch.
  43. Abby Thomas ‘23: My favorite memory from this year has to be Spirit Week leading up to the Blues Band concert. That whole week was so memorable and incredible. My friends and I dressed up as Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica for character day. Then on decades day, we had matching shiny bell bottoms! It was so much fun! Finally, on Friday, I was in the Blues Band concert, and we performed an amazing show! I sang two songs and did backup vocals for a bunch of other songs. It was so exhilarating singing on stage, and I will forever be grateful for that moment. I made a bunch of friends in Blues Band as well, who are awesome. Selfishly, all of the compliments and hugs afterward were really great. That week was probably my favorite week of the whole year, and I wish I could relive it over and over again!
  44. Milly Greenwald ‘23: My favorite memory at St. Luke’s was when I first became friends with Ale [Andrade] and Sofia [Shklovsky]. I was really nervous to start at St. Luke’s, and I was really happy to make friends and experience the friendly community.
  45. Spencer Fuller-Wright ‘23: My favorite memory of the school year was when everyone showed up to the boys championship basketball game. It was a very hyped up game and the student section was great. In the end, everyone stormed the court to celebrate.
  46. Eloise Leclerc ‘21: My favorite memory from this school year would be going to preseason for the first time as a new student and being welcomed with open arms! 🙂 I remember how kind everyone was on my first day, and it made such a big difference for me!
  47. Jeremy Reid ‘21: My favorite memory of the year was coming down to the Commons everyday and just laughing with the funniest people in school. It was one of the memories I’ll never forget with the SLS seniors.
  48. Aidan Panian ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was probably the basketball games this winter. As FAA’s were coming up, there were gonna be more and more basketball games. I specifically remember the boys FAA game was super fun, and it was so fun to cheer the team on with my friends and the huge crowds. I loved chanting and cheering them on. Being a part of the girls basketball team and playing in the FAA’s was also definitely my favorite memory. I loved playing with the people I love and seeing the huge crowd that was there to support us was so cool. This was my favorite memory from this year. 
  49. Thomas Skinner ‘23: Probably the last day of J-Term. When we finally presented the projects that we worked for so long on, it felt really good.
  50. Jillian Fisher ‘21: Me and my friends social distancing while sitting in our trunks in the parking lot.
  51. Mr. Burnham: J-Term really stood out for me as an example of the freshman class coming together.  The energy amongst the groups was palpable, and the final expo was awesome.  I loved seeing everyone’s creativity and learning about their projects.
  52. Janelle Johnson ‘20: Number one would be winning the FAA championship for the 5-peat in front of everyone. Second,. sitting on the stage in front of the school at the beginning of the school year, and third, the St. Paul’s sleepover for football.
  53. Ms. Sproule: I have many cherished memories from this year – Blues Band, the Upper School Evening of Poetry, and “Admissions,” to name a few – but my absolute favorite might have to be Phil Kaye’s Project Voice performance. I believe it was Mrs. Badan who brought Project Voice to Ms. Perry’s attention, and I’m so appreciative that she did! What a special celebration of poetry, voice, and story.
  54. Dylan Johnson ‘20: My favorite memory from this school year has to be Homecoming. From winning every athletic game to having the most attended Homecoming dance, it really showed our school pride and camaraderie.
  55. Anna Raleigh ‘20: The first day of senior year was so fun! Driving onto campus with my friends, getting to see everybody again, and having one last first day at St. Luke’s after 8 years was really memorable.
  56. Mr. Thomas: One of my favorite moments from this 2019-20 school year happened on Friday, October 18. Our Storm football family traveled to Andover, New Hampshire to play the Proctor Academy Hornets. The scene was the Storm version of Friday Night Lights. The game was filled with drama – it was a nail-biting rollercoaster. We lost in the last second of regulation, but we stayed true to our philosophy. The game ended with disappointment and controversy – it was a chaotic scene. We regained our composure, shook hands, and moved on.
  57. Aida Nahas ‘20: My favorite memory at SLS was last lacrosse season when we beat Gunnery with a buzzer beater penalty shot and the whole team stormed the field screaming and jumping for joy.
  58. Eddy Boris ‘21: My favorite memory would probably have to be the football banquet this year. It was awesome to celebrate the season and the seniors.
  59. Macy Millones ‘23: My favorite memory from my freshman year was working on the CELL-ebration. Seeing my grade work together in a cohesive way while facing challenges together was truly amazing. This hands-on learning experience really shaped my freshman year.
  60. Emily Stute ‘20: My favorite memory from this school year was when a lot more people showed up to the semi-formal than I had expected. Yes, it wasn’t a massive crowd, but it was a much better turn out that we usually get, which was really exciting for me after I spent so much time preparing! I also really appreciated the friends who showed up to the dance that night to support me 🙂
  61. Cessa Lewis ‘23: One of my favorite experiences this year was the Homecoming dance. I felt ecstatic the whole night; I was surrounded by the best, energetic people, the music was great and everyone was so goofy and happy. My ears were still ringing when I got home, and I remember feeling so excited to be a high schooler and have experienced such a special and memorable night with my friends.
  62. Peyton Franz ‘23: One of my favorite memories from this year was J-Term. I enjoyed not only taking a break from the regular curriculum, but also being able to come together in small groups and express a kind of creativity that is not in our everyday classes.
  63. Claiborne Beurle ‘23: Probably the Homecoming dance because it was fun to hang out with my friends!
  64. Ale Lewis ‘23: My favorite memory from this year was J-Term. It was so fun to participate in an activity that I was really passionate about. I learned so much and got to work with a really great group.
  65. Ms. Fancher: My favorite memory from this year was teaching a Neuroscience elective course to 17 energetic, entertaining, and intelligent seniors.  It was an incredible opportunity to start this course at St. Luke’s, to teach about one of my passions (the brain!), and to get to know a fun group of students.  I am grateful for this experience and for my students for always greeting me with a smile 🙂
  66. Thomas Durvasula ‘23: My favorite memory from this year is probably my time on the basketball team. Specifically, after we won our games, we would jump around and go crazy, and the energy would be different.
  67. Sierra Taylor ‘20: My favorite moment this year was during the varsity volleyball season right before FAA’s, when we played GFA after losing to them the first time earlier in the season. The score was 24-23 in the fourth set when Karey Balkind and Molly Kim made an insane play to secure us our dub and show them who’s boss!
  68. Sammi Livieri ‘23: My favorite memory would probably be J-term. I did a topic that I am really passionate about, and I got a group with some of my friends, so everybody got along really well.
  69. Ms. Parker-Bugard: The first thing that came to mind was the gathering that we did for our Virtual 5K. Perhaps it’s because it was a recent memory, or perhaps it’s because it was just so nice to see so many random people from the community all gathered together in the same virtual place, or maybe it was because I just really needed to be with the community, but that stands out to me as a really sweet moment. But then I thought further back into the year and recalled the ADL assembly day and the work that the group of student leaders did to get ready for it. In particular, I’m remembering the night in training when the student leaders went around the room and shared their experiences of being a victim, perpetrator, bystander, or ally. I was so impressed with their bravery and touched by their vulnerability.
  70. Peter Corcoran ‘23: I think that CELL-ebration was, if not the most, one of my favorite experiences/memories from this year. Starting out with nothing but a few materials and coming in every class to see the improvement that classes before you did and then get to improving it yourself was really fun. Also being able to see the final product was very rewarding, and the whole project really helped me understand how a cell functioned and how it was structured.
  71. Mr. Valera: My favorite memory is listening to music with the students. Throughout the day, students will stop by the band office and share the music they are listening to. There is nothing like a listening party!!
  72. Flynn Partington ‘23: The memory that most encapsulated my year was the student council elections . . . the continued effort of the two [freshman representatives] has been displayed through trivia, rock paper scissors, and birthday messages at class meetings.
  73. Annalise Correia ‘22: My favorite memory from this year was the first day of lacrosse. It was freezing, but the energy level was so high and everyone was smiling. There was no place I’d rather be.
  74. John Rosseel ‘23: My favorite memory this year would be finishing March exams. It was so relieving to be done with them and finally have the time to relax.
  75. Peter Cioffi ‘23: I really enjoyed Cell-ebration. I liked how the whole grade was involved with it and thought it was awesome how much we accomplished in the week.
  76. Jared Kramer ‘21: My favorite memory has to be getting closer with my friends and new people.
  77. Evelyn Boris ‘23: My favorite memory of the year has been just laughing with my friends in the cafe.
  78. Chris Capone ‘23: My favorite memory was beating Berkshire in football. We fought really hard that game and came out with the win. The bus ride home was also awesome, with all the dancing and singing.
  79. Jane Mathews: ‘23 This year overall has been an array of new experiences, but the one that comes to mind for me is Homecoming. Getting to play in my first varsity Homecoming game, experience the camaraderie of the school, and spend the day with all my friends was definitely a highlight.
  80. Maggie Laguzza ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was being a part of the soccer team! It was a lot of fun, and I loved getting to know everyone on the team!!
  81. Sarah Kate Alford ‘23: My favorite memory this year was either the Homecoming dance or the semi-formal because of how you are able to have so much fun at school. We also got a dress down day for having the highest attendance!!
  82. Ms. DeRienzo: Open House was definitely one of the highlights of the school year for me. There was such good energy circulating, and I enjoyed watching our many dedicated Ambassadors talk with prospective students and their families. The day was filled with a lot of smiles and little moments where these visitors clearly felt so welcomed and taken care of by our community. Our Ambassadors are fantastic at what they do and make me so proud to be part of St. Luke’s.
  83. Matthew Seale ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was probably the SLS Sing Off. It gave me a confidence boost in myself because of all the compliments I received.
  84. Grant Douglas ‘23: I think that my favorite memory this year has been J-Term. It was a great way to learn about the problems going on in our world today, and we also didn’t have classes that week.
  85. Justin Higgins ‘23: One of my favorite memories from this year was J-Term. I liked J-Term because it was a break from regular school. I thought it was really interesting to see the different things that people explored at the end of the week during the J-Term Showcase.
  86. Raven Sead ‘20: My most memorable moment from this school year was softball senior day. One of my teammates and co-captains (Lilli Messina) dropped off some cookies, Mr. West brought some signs to my house, and my teammates made a really nice video for us.  Although it wasn’t how I imagined my ideal senior day, my teammates, coaches, and Mr. West put a lot of thought into making the day special, and it’s something I’ll never forget!
  87. Izzy Dore ‘23: My favorite memory for this year was spirit week, because I was part of a community that included old and new friends. It was so fun and positive to collaborate with old friends as well as get to know new classmates and create a moment in time we will always remember for years to come.
  88. Mr. Ward: There were many memorable moments for me, but I think the one that stands out is the FAA Championship game against GFA. We had played a close game with them early in the season and knew it would take a great effort and that’s what we gave. The crowd was electric. It was such a fun environment to play in. It was our 5th straight league championship, and it was great to see how excited both the returners who have already won the league were and how excited our new players were. The crowd storming the court at the end was the icing on the cake. Just a fun, electric, high school basketball game and atmosphere.
  89. Andrew Parsons ‘23: The SLS vs. GFA Boys Varsity Soccer game when the game went into penalty kicks and, with the help of Mason [Pratt] and the seniors, we won.
  90. Kate Ellis ‘22: My favorite memory was probably Homecoming because my team won our game and I got to hang out with my friends and watch them play. It’s a great experience to participate in the day, both as a member of the crowd and on the field. It was, all around, just a very fun experience, and I absolutely loved it!
  91. Sophia Geraci ‘23: My favorite memory this year was J-Term. I loved working on something I was passionate about with my friends.
  92. Summer Klein ‘20: My favorite memory from this school year would definitely be winning the FAA championship against GFA, while also being there to support the boys beat them as well!
  93. Abby Johnson ‘21: One of my favorite memories from this year was during the first semester, when I conducted an independent study with Mr. Fancher on the intersection of psychology and marketing. After countless hours of research and after visiting a marketing agency in New York City, I was able to craft together a research paper and presentation to share with faculty members and friends within the St. Luke’s community. It was an experience that I will never forget and something that I will take with me to college as I continue to explore my passion in these two areas of study. 
  94. Zach Amendola ‘21: Playing curve fever with the boys.
  95. Jonathan Hobson ‘21: Throwing the Christmas party in Seminar 2 was definitely a highlight. We were not serious about it at all — we bought the decorations at 1 am the night before from CVS, put a yule log on the Apple TV, blasted Mariah Carey on repeat, placed an inflatable Minion outside the door, and handed out cookies to passersby, all of whom were very confused since this was, like, three weeks before Christmas — but hey, we got a lot of smiles, and I think that’s what matters most.
  96. Liam Patty ‘21: Playing games on my computer with my friends.
  97. Sloan Barker ‘22: My favorite memory from this year is winning our Homecoming game. All of my friends were there to support our team, and I loved going from game to game to support the other teams, too! It was a great day for the school to join together!
  98. Brielle Renwick ‘23: My favorite memory from this school year was winning the FAA championship for basketball. The feeling when the final buzzer went off was indescribable, and it made it feel like the season’s hard work paid off.
  99. Phillip Etergino ‘23: One of my favorite memories from this past school year was doing the Rock Paper Scissors tournament as a whole grade. It was just a very entertaining way to pass time and have fun as a whole grade.
  100. Marissa Kramer ‘23: My favorite memory from freshman year was J-Term. It was so fun to get to learn about a new topic and share it with everyone.
  101. Mrs. DeMarco-Havens: The first day of school when the seniors gathered at the main entrance greeting all and establishing their position at the school was the start of a new and memorable year. From Homecoming to Thanksgiving Pies, Upper School Cocoa & Carols, Admissions, Cookie Stroll, Super Bowl Lunch, Midnight Run, Special Olympics, Distance Learning prep, and the culmination for me of the Yearbook Dedication, it was all memorable. The 2019-20 school year has taught us to be adaptable! The feeling of being a part of the SLS community, even from afar, is truly my fondest memory of this school year. The year that has been filled with love, grief, laughter, pride, and opportunities to establish lasting friendships.

The Sentinel Staff wishes all of you a very happy and healthy summer. Goodbye 2019-2020 school year! We can’t wait to continue making memories in the fall!