Lily Carre ’24: Three Time Junior Captain


Abby Thomas '23, Sports Editor

Lily Carre ‘24 has taken on many responsibilities this year, from balancing all the work that comes with Junior year, as well as being the Marketing and Communications editor for the yearbook. On top of all that, Carre is the captain of three varsity sports teams; field hockey, ski, and lacrosse – no small feat.

Many people consider Junior year the most stressful and busy for students, as they’re loaded with schoolwork and beginning the college process. But even with all of that already piling on top of her, Carre stepped up.

Being a team captain is no small achievement. While most captains at SLS are seniors, Carre believes her sportsmanship influenced her captainship this year. Carre said,  “[I became Captain] not because I score the most goals….and it’s not because I’m an All-American athlete. I think it’s because my teammates feel comfortable turning to me to help the team, to help the team win, and to get the most out of everyone.”

Not only do her teammates trust her, but everyone is super tight-knit on all three of Carre’s teams. Carre noted how grateful she is for the connections she has formed as an athlete. Some of her favorite bonding experiences include bus rides with the Ski Team, the big/little sister program on the Field Hockey team, and of course, “morning team wall ball and donuts for Lacrosse.”

On top of having fun with her teams, Carre has learned a lot from her time as a captain. Though a captain leads and teaches the younger players, leadership comes with its own learning curve.

She said “Being a great leader is more about what you do than what you say. It’s not enough to just make a great speech or have good sayings in the team huddle….You also have to be present, available, and there for your teammates when things aren’t going their way.”

Looking forward to her senior year, Carre will carry the lessons she learned this year into the next, especially as she takes on the role of Student Council’s Director of Communications. She will remind herself to “Always work hard, never take anything for granted, appreciate the highs, work through the lows, love your team, and always remember it’s the journey that matters not the destination.”

Carre has risen to the occasion time and time again. She has quite a promising senior year ahead of her on the hilltop!