Monte le Son!: A Recap of the Webster Concert


Danielle Nares '21, Staff Writer

To highlight the celebration of National French Week at St. Luke’s (November 5 – 9), all French students were invited to the Webster Concert on November 7.

After a one-hour bus ride, students were kindly greeted at the doors of Southern Connecticut State University. Although some students claimed the ride was “long and boring,” during the concert, they did not fail to express their enjoyment for rapper and historian, Webster. SLS students and faculty were fortunate enough to sit in the front and center of the auditorium.

Throughout the concert, Webster explained his journey of self-discovery through learning about cultural diversity in the past and present. He raps in different French dialects that are influenced by his Senegalese family and current residence in Quebec.

Webster also taught students dance moves and engaged the audience in songs of call and response. SLS, especially the sixth-grade students, was one of the most energetic groups at the concert — one sixth-grader boldly confessed in front of the 2,000 students in the audience that she adored Webster and his music. The rest of the Upper School sang along, and some even knew Webster’s songs without the lyrics.

The trip was organized by our very own Upper School World Language Department Chair, Mr. Shee. Also, French teacher Mr. Downey organized the funds for the concert.

“It is a tradition at St. Luke’s to celebrate National French Week. We want[ed] all students to embrace and have fun with learning the French language and culture,” says Mr. Shee.

St. Luke’s celebrated National French Week by offering activities or games each day: on Monday, there was a French sing-along; on Thursday, there was a French Kahoot (which was played at schools nationwide); and on Friday, there was a construction of a 3-D Eiffel Tower.

This year’s theme for the celebration was “French=jobs.” All across the Fireplace Commons and cafeteria, there were real examples of job listings that required or recommended that applicants be able to speak French.

“In Connecticut, speaking French is a great skill to have when finding a job because Connecticut does a lot of business with French-speaking companies,” Mr. Shee explains.

The SLS French Department has won several awards on their exemplary French programs, and there’s no doubt that the Webster Concert will remain a student favorite.